Red Power Juice Recipe

Red Power Juice

Do you wake up needing energy to roll out of bed and get started with your day?  Do you normally drink power drinks full of sugar and what not only to crash later in the day?  Well have I got an energy tonic for you – RED POWER JUICE!  Try it – bet you will like it.  Let me know by leaving a comment below.


4 fresh carrots

piece of ginger

2 kiwi fruit peeled

2 green apples cored

1/2 cucumber

1 Beet

Bouquet of fresh fruit and veggies

The beet is hiding under there.


Breville Juicer

Instruction:  Clean and prep all food for juicer.  Send through juicer, put in a cute glass and enjoy!  Feel the rush!

Want the smoothest pulp-free juice ever then I highly recommend you get an Omega VRT350 juicer. It is amazing.

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