Weight loss stall

I believe that when taking on a new routine, you follow through on the commitment, and then assess the results after a special period of time.  I have been working with my trainer twice a week (give or take skipping some weeks due to other commitments) since April 2011.

I step on the scale and it hasn’t moved.  I weigh almost the same now as I did this time last year.  I still need to check my measurements which I took back in January 2012 but do not feel a significant difference when I wear my same clothes.  I am still wearing a solid size 8 with my 5 ft. 2 frame.  So what is the deal?

Well, let me be open and honest with you all:

1.  I tend to drink multiple glasses of white wine in the evening to de-stress from a very demanding day job.

2.  While I do not eat Ben and Jerry’s Vanilla Caramel Fudge ice cream twice weekly, I do still eat a pint every 2 weeks.

3.  I have greatly decreased down from my daily 12 oz Coca Cola a day habit to no more than maybe 1, 12 oz can every 3 weeks but I still sip on it from time to time.

With that said, I have done leaps and bounds in improvements with my breakfast meal because I actually eat it.  I start my days off good.  I wake up, work out and come home ready for the day.  I eat my eggs, fruit, with no problem.  I pack my lunches most days which includes mid morning and afternoon snacks of yogurt, fruit, almonds, apples, almond butter – you name it.  The GOOD stuff!

I get to work and the stress starts.  I am typically on back-to-back calls/meetings and before I know it – I missed my mid-morning snack and someone scheduled a meeting through lunch time.  Fortunately the earlier meeting lets out a few minutes early which means I have to grab my lunch from the fridge and BOOK downstairs to the bank of microwaves to heat up my food in enough time to get back to my desk and dial into the call, announcement myself, put the phone on mute and begin stuffing my face before I am asked or required to vocally chime in on the call.

The afternoon is spent on similar calls and by 4 pm I realize my snacks are still in my lunch box untouched.  At the end of the day, I grab my lunch  box with everything I came with except my lunch and I bring it home and try again the next day.  Since I last ate around 11:45 am or 12 noon, I am starved by the time dinner times rolls around and guess what?  I still have to cook dinner.

While preparing my meal I may start “munching” on stuff I shouldn’t like chips or other junk food I keep in the house for the rest of the family.  I rush to finish dinner because again, I AM HUNGRY and once I eat that – depending on when I get home, it isn’t until 8 pm.  I know sad.

No wonder the scale has not budged and neither has my waistline much.  I am stronger and have better stamina and endurance but to look at me….I have not changed.  Now my co-workers and peers feel I am “petite” but I know the real deal.

So what is a woman to do?  I am working to motivate others to pursue a healthy lifestyle and yet I am struggling with my own issues.  I have assessed lessons learned:

1.  You can’t outrun ice cream – whatever workout you  did, you  reverse when you  begin eating that high calorie, sugary treat.

2.  Portion size is real and I must work on not letting myself get to hungry that I eat larger portions than normal.

3.  I have to give up daily evening glasses of wine and figure out another way to de-stress in the evenings.

4.  I need to better plan my meals for the week and stop letting my husband go grocery shopping alone and shop for myself and my lifestyle needs.  He shops for the family every other Friday and will pick up exactly what I put on the paper and I many times forget to put something down on the paper.

5.  Eighty percent of any figure transformation is due to diet – it is real!

I’ll keep you all in the loop of my progress now that I am willing to admit to the things I believe have stalled progress.

Thank you  for reading and feel free to share what are being challenged with in the comments below.

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