Time For Some Action Week In Review


That was my mantra this week since I am participating in the Femme Fitale Fit Club Fall Fifty Challenge.  I was determined to get out there and rack up some miles because truth be told – the furthest I have ever run EVER in a single session is 6 miles.  Yup, I admit, confess and now share it with the world.  I can sprint short distances all the day long…well not all day but you get the point.  I can easily do 3 miles because that is easy for me even with hills.  Five miles – I can make it too with the RIGHT shoes.  A few weeks ago I was wearing shoes that did not have the right support and by mile 4 my ankles started aching.  I changed shoes and we are all good now.

BUTTTTTTTT I failed miserably at my OWN goal this week.  I was to log 20 miles and I logged a paltry 8 miles this week for a total of 18 miles this MONTH!  I still have 32 more miles to log to hit my 50 miles challenge.  I look at the others participating (about 30 women) and several are about to cross the 50 miles threshold.  It isn’t a matter of WILL they but WHEN WILL THEY that is the question.  I am proud of everyone getting out there and hitting the pavement from walking, wogging, jogging and running – it is ALL GOOD!!!!!


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Monday – 9/9

I’m not in this month’s boot camp session but they did have their free session this past Monday so I went in the evening.  It was good – I haven’t slowed down TOO much but it is clear I need to get my butt back up in there!  We did everything from X-drills, 1-mile warm up run, abs, abs and MORE abs and did I say X-drills?  I burned over 500 calories and of course FORGOT to take a photo of my heart rate stats on my Polar FT4.  Trust me when I say – I burned a lot of calories from everything we did in there.  It felt good seeing everybody!


Tuesday – 9/10

Tuesday I went running with my Femme Fitales and we got in about 4 miles give or take.  The run felt good on Tuesday and the company was great as always.  We now run with knuckle lights to light our path.  I had to get going and wanted to get in a little more than 3 miles so I ran to the post office and back to the car.  I did run ahead because I had to be somewhere and even with the knucklelights I still felt slightly paranoid but I will get more comfortable running in the dark.


I go by the heart rate reported on Wahoo Fitness because I use their chest strap during my runs.  Wahoo says I burned 525 calories!  That is some nice burn!!!!!




Just so you know, I run with 3 running apps simultaneously.  It may sound like a lot I know but they all serve unique purposes and help to benefit my runs.  I run with Strava (good for running and riding), Nike+, and Wahoo Fitness (I use their heart rate chest strap and they integrate with several apps).


Wednesday – 9/11

On this day I returned to the gym and with my trainer.  I took a 2 week break from her and while it felt good, I obviously set myself back because getting in the gym with her had me OUCHING!  We did walking lunges with shoulder presses, step ups with weights, push ups, mountain climbers, backward lunges, squats and jump squats.  It just kept coming PLUS I was late.  I know I am never late but we changed my time to 5:30 am so I need to adjust.  I didn’t wear my Polar FT4 because I just didn’t feel like strapping up but believe I burned some kcals with my personal trainer.

Disclaimer: This workout was created by a certified trainer based on my current fitness level. Please adjust weight or motion based upon your fitness level. Always consult a physician before starting any new training program.


Thursday – 9/12

We went out and pounded the pavement this morning.  We had a nice little crew and we ran a fairly flat 3 miler.  I ran around the parking lot a little to get a few more miles but it was good and felt good.  The air was crisp and felt just right.  Here are the deets from Nike+ and Wahoo Fitness for my calorie count.



Don’t ask me why it is on treadmill mode.  I am happy they HAVE a treadmill mode in Wahoo Fitness.  I must have turned it on by accident.

Friday – 9/13

I slept in nuff said.

That’s my week in review.  I am planning a major week getting in even more miles this week PLUS I am with my trainer 2 days this week.  One of my main goals is to go to bed at a decent hour so I have the proper rest to fuel my workouts and my days!!!!

Ciao for now!

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