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Reebok for Mother’s Day

If you have an active mom then now's the time to make sure you stock her up with awesome Reebok fitness gear for Mother's Day.  I have a few Reebok purchases and I am just tickled to death at how comfortable their apparel is. Mother's Day is coming, leave a comment and let us know which activity your mother enjoys. Disclaimer:  This post ...

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

I just learned that May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.  This was started back in 1983 by the President's Council on fitness as an effort to promote healthy lifestyles to the American people.  You can imagine I am excited about this month for several reasons: 1.  It's centered around physical fitness which is the primary ...

Winter Olympics 2014 – Sochi, RU is HERE!

Is anyone else excited the Winter Olympics 2014 start tonight at 8 pm EST?  I am always impressed with the athleticism of the participants from all around the world.  I plan to tune in on NBC. You know I have to ask - which Winter Olympic sport is your absolute favorite?  Vote below and leave us a comment. [polldaddy poll="7778357"]

2014 XLVIII Super Bowl – Who Do You Want To Win?

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Fun Run

Never in a million years would I think I would consider running multiple miles at the crack of dawn FUN!  I mean who wants to get up before 0:dark thirty to run outside in the dark with wildlife running around here and there?  I took cross country track my freshman year in High School simply because my best friend joined (she could run) and I ...

2013 XLVII Super Bowl – Who Do You Want To Win?

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Get Your Run On with Oxygen Mag

As the summer leaves us and cooler temperatures arrive - it may be challenging for some of us to continue running outside like we did during the summer because of the cold temperatures and the fact the days are shorter so it takes longer for the sun to rise and it sets even earlier.  Who wants to run in the dark with deer running rampant?  Not ...

Cable Me Workout

I like this workout because it doesn't require you to be all over the gym.  Basically you are using one piece of equipment to work various body parts so you can get in and get out. Equipment needed: Cable machine   Print workout here           Exercise Reps Weight Squat position row 12 ...

Fitness Idol – Lori (Lolo) Jones

She is an American track and field athlete who specialized in the hurdle.   She has been making headlines lately.  She is a SERIOUS athlete (well what athlete isn't serious?) and she is Femme Fitale's fitness idol.  Check out her video on Oxygen Magazine.  She is also glossing the covers of this month's edition of Oxygen Magazine.  She is the ...

Fitness Idol – Erin Stern

Erin Stern is absolutely AMAZING!  I first came across her while reading several of the fitness magazines I subscribe to.  What I admire about her is her athleticism, competitiveness and physique.  She has been on too many covers and fitness contests to count. Check her out.

ZWOW #17

Zuzan Light