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Never in a million years would I think I would consider running multiple miles at the crack of dawn FUN!  I mean who wants to get up before 0:dark thirty to run outside in the dark with wildlife running around here and there?  I took cross country track my freshman year in High School simply because my best friend joined (she could run) and I hated every stinking mile of it.  We only ran 3 miles (which I now consider a “quick” run) but back then – it might as well have been 26.2 miles because I ALWAYS came in last behind even our slowest person.

Fast forward many moons later and now I love it.  I get so much enjoyment running with my Femme Fitales because there is always comedy out there on the pavement.   Someone either is feeling a bit punchy and witty that morning OR we are trying to avoid getting run over by deer.  Either way I always come away laughing and smiling.  We do take photos after most of our runs because it helps us file it in our online memory book.


Our typical mileage average around 4.5 miles based on our typical route.  We have changed it up some though and that keeps it extremely interesting.  This is why I consider these our fun runs because it is like going to a walk/wog/jog/run party every time!    You should consider coming out and joining us.  It’s a party every morning at 5 am!  Woohoooo!

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