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We have done it!!!  We here at Femme Fitale Fit Club hosted our very first fitness event on Sunday, August, 25, 2013, which was led by LiveRightFitness founder and fitness competitor Sandi Moore.  I am beyond words EXCITED!  We found a local high school track and made it happen.  All fitness levels were welcomed along with children.  It is good for the kids to see their parents putting in the hard work to stay healthy.  They even joined in which made it even that more fun.  One of the kiddies gave me a run for my money with her sprints!

We started off with a nice 1-lap jog around the track and then did some calisthenics and stretches to get our blood moving.  Sandi offered up excellent tips explaining the benefits of stretching before and after a workout.  We then started a stair drill which helped to get our heart rate up.  Next came ladder drills of sorts and push ups.  We worked the abs and did some additional cardio.  The workout was very challenging and we also learned about the benefits of L-glutamine for recovery.

I want to thank Sandi for agreeing to put us through a workout.  She is most appreciated and everyone was in resounding agreement she worked us hard!  A good hard.  🙂


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