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Wild Card Wednesday 3/28

This was too hilarious! very true!

ZWOW #17

Zuzan Light

Femme Fitale’s Home Gym & Youtube Faves

In an effort to save money I built out our unfinished area and equipped it with enough equipment to actually consider it a home gym.  It isn't pretty, but it is effective! [slideshow] When I was trying to save a few dollars by not paying for a gym membership, this was my workout haven I affectionately call "The Cave".  Below are some of the ...

Bang Up Workout

Happy Friday Fitales!  My trainer put me through this punishment today in 30 minutes.  Try the workout adjusted to your own capabilities and weights and tell me how you did and felt afterwards! Nothing ventured, nothing gained ... Let's GO! Bang Up   Workout Exercise Reps Weight Chest press - 1/2 rep 15 30 lbs Lying ...