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8efe362cf40298fe0c18255a5a20978eI was sweating up a storm today with today’s workout.  I was working hard PLUS it was hot up in there.  Either way I started my workout with a 9-minute mile treadmill warm up.  Gotta get that blood flowing.  So warm up on the treadmill – go quick so your body doesn’t know what you are up to and WERK IT!  ENJOY!




High Box

# Exercise Rep Weight
1 Left   leg step up, knee up 12 NA
2 Right leg step up, knee up 12 NA
3 Standing   row 20 40 lbs
4 Decline   push ups 20 NA
5 Decline   straight arm plank hold 10 sec NA
6 Decline   crunches – full motion 10 NA
7 Decline crunches – mini crunches 10 NA
8 Bicep   curls 20 30 lbs
9 1/2   squat thrusts 12 NA
10 Right   left bulgarian squat hammer curls 15 30 lbs
11 Left   leg bulgarian squat shoulder press 15 30 lbs
12 Incline   bench plank hold 30 sec NA
13 Straight   arm plank – left arm, right leg raise 10 sec NA
14 Straight   arm plank – right arm, left leg raise 10 sec NA
Done in 30 minutes

Disclaimer:  Please adjust weight or motion based upon your fitness level. Always consult a physician before starting any new training program.

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