BOOOOO #Workout

This is how I felt Thursday and Friday while working out.  It was hard!

This is how I felt Thursday and Friday while working out. It was hard!

I love my trainer to death.  Been working out with her for a minute now.  I am seeing progress and results.  But seriously – after boot camp, I am SOOOO not in the mood for her.  I say this because sometimes I end up working the same body part which is achey and sore.  Thursday at Sanders Optimum Fitness Boot Camp we did at least 400 squats!  My thighs (inner and outer) are on FIRE and I am walking funny.  I show up at the gym bright and early and what do I get to do with my trainer?  MORE SQUATS!

After I finished this working – I was walking funny the REST of the day at work.  That is why I named this workout BOOOO….BOOOOO and HISSSSS to everybody who made me do so many hard squats this week!  LOL!

Not made though – body is getting there.  I promise I plan to post more progress photos of me personally.



Cable machine

Booooo #Workout
# Exercise Reps Weight
1 Cable   machine – squats and bicep curls 20 15 lbs
2 Cable   machine – alternating backward lunge and back row 20 30 lbs
3 Diamond   push ups 20 NA
4 Jump   squats 20 NA
5 Squat   thrusts 12 NA
6 Straight   arm plank hold 1 min NA
7 Mountain   climbers 45 sec NA
8 Straight   arm plank – right arm left leg raise 20 sec NA
9 Straight   arm plank – left arm right leg raise 20 sec NA
10 Left   oblique plank leg lift 20 sec NA
11 Right   oblique plank leg lift 20 sec NA
Done in 30 minutes


Disclaimer:  Please adjust weight or motion based upon your fitness level. Always consult a physician before starting any new training program.

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