Peeking Around Corners!

I was at work the other day walking to the rest room when a young gentleman peeks his head from around the corner calling my name.  “Diatta,  I don’t want to hold you up from going to the restroom but I brought some fresh Italian cookies for my department’s potluck today you know you want one”.  I was tempted and pleasantly surprised especially since it was 11 am and I had no idea or thought on my mind about eating any form of sweets today let alone before noon.  So not to be rude I took him up on his offer telling him I will walk down to the conference room after my visit to the restroom.

By the time I walked out of the RR he shows up again with a perfectly formed Italian cookie on a paper napkin.  He then tells me, “Diatta I brought you the biggest one in the box”.  I kindly accepted and nibbled on it all the way back to my office and while travelling downstairs to my car.  It was DELICIOUS you hear me?  I am from New Jersey and we had a bunch of Italian bakeries up and down the street so I truly  miss fresh authentic Italian cookies.  But wait a minute – I just did my boot camp this morning PLUS I am detoxing with Essence of Vitality..oh no what did I just do?

We are entering one of the busiest times of year when it comes to travelling, shopping, parties and cooking.  We start off with Thanksgiving eating an abundance of food and treats and then we finish off with Christmas dinner and New Year’s about a week later.  And in between all of the festivities, even the strongest of us are tempted with people bringing in candy, cookies, baked goods, and any and everything filled with SUGAR!  We know sugar is not good for our bodies but boy the food that contains it is very tasty.

So how do we go about getting a head start on our 2013 fitness goals while not getting sabotaged at every turn?  Here are a few things I plan to do to keep everything in balance and moderation.

  1. I’m going to let myself have that cookie.  I do not plan to deny myself but I also do not plan to binge either.  One is enough to fulfill the taste of a delicious cookie and it won’t have me working backwards on my workouts because I plan to eat only one.
  2. I intend to sign up for boot camp again for this last session between 11/26 to 12/20.
  3. I plan to save wine for the weekends only instead of using it as a destresser during the week which packs on pounds or has me working backwards.
  4. I intend to continue working with my personal trainer on those days I do not have boot camp – in other words stay in beast mode.
  5. I intend to use portion control during Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.  No seconds for me.
  6. I plan to drink water with all my meals vs. lemonade, iced tea, punch, etc.  Fortunately I have the will power to do it because I am now used to my own homemade flavored water.
  7. I plan to walk past the cabinets topped with treats people are bringing in.  If I taste anything, that is all it will be, a taste and nothing more.
  8. I plan to bring my lunch to work to ensure I get a healthy meal.
  9. I plan to do better bringing healthy snacks to work so I do not find myself feeling ravenous and tempted to gobble down more sweet treats than expected because I was hungry.
  10. I plan to make sure I eat breakfast so I leave the house satiated and not barely hanging on and then more easily tempted with all of the food brought into the office.

That is my plan and without a plan you can not ensure success for yourself.  Think of all the hard work you put in this year to get into the best shape of your life – don’t let the holidays ruin it.  I believe it doesn’t have to be torturous either.  You can enjoy the food, fun and libations, just in moderation and you will have a head start on everybody come January.

Share with us how you plan to survive the holiday season?

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