Bootcamp Season #2 Session 12

Thursday – SUCCESS DAY!

Yes folks!  I finally completed the minute drill within the MINUTE LIMIT!!!  What is a minute drill you ask?  It is a sprint drill where you run between 2 baselines 15 times all within a minute.  They tell you, if you haven’t hit at least the 7th drill by 30 seconds you are going to struggle to make all 15 within the minute.

They also tell you to start out with an explosion and going as fast as you can.  If you try to pace yourself it will be hard to make all 15 within a minute.

I showed up on Thursday extra early because I wanted to get measured with the calipers to see if my body fat composition decreased.  IT DID!  Midsection went down by 2 cm and back of my arms went down by 2 cm!  I see my Thursday is starting off pretty GOOD!  I got there so early (5:10 am) I had time to stretch and loosen up my limbs.

Then the instructor blew the whistle and let us know we were starting off the day with the minute drill since we are “fresh” and not tired from abs or running for 1 mile, etc.  A few sessions ago I attempted the minute drill and was not able to make it within 1 minute.  Heck…I have NEVER been able to make it within a minute.  I always end up on the 13th rep and at the best…14.5 rep.  But never able to finish it.

This time I was determined.  Not like I wasn’t determined the other times but I felt really good about this morning.  I was wearing my new running shoes because my other ones were *gulp* 12 months old and my shins were hurting during the 10th session on Monday.  I also bought them in size 8 (I wear a 7.5) vs. a size 9 as I was advised by the running store Fleet Feet because I always felt like my foot always slid in the shoes that were that large.  I got on my mark to start and then the whistle blew.

I took off with all my might and muscle!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…….Monte is standing there and asked me which one I was on.  When I told him 8 he really started shouting to help me keep going.  Once I hit baseline for #14… legs were starting to feel like lead and it took everything within my body to PUSH IT FORWARD!  Monte started sprinting with me on that last leg as they were counting down………56….57…..58….59…….60!  As they shouted 60…my foot hit the baseline for the 15th time!  Now I couldn’t see my feet because everything was a blur.  My mind was trying to move my feet faster than they could go at that point but I KNOW I made it because I got several hugs from the SOF staff and a high-five from Monte!

It took me at least 5 minutes to get my heart rate back down and they started another sprint drill where my time sucked!  You are supposed to complete these suicide drills in 30 seconds and I normally hit 31.  Because I was so tired my time worsened to 34 seconds.  I was tired ya’ll!  Now I TRULY know what they mean when they say leave it ALL on the field.  That means your body is JELLO and you can’t speak once you are done.


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