No Sugar Challenge – 30 Days

This 30-day No Sugar Challenge focuses on helping you ween off of over consuming added sugar as well as break your sugar addiction to improve overall good health and wellness.  Who’s ready?

Join us for this free 30-day eat less sugar challenge. #eatlesssugar #sugarfree

30-Day No Sugar Challenge

Disclaimer:  Participate in this challenge at your own risk.  Before starting any new fitness or nutrition program consult with your physician.  You know your body.

Femme Fitale Fit Club is not liable for any injury, loss of limb or life due to your participation.

I am asked often about strategies to reduce sugar cravings and to eat less sugar.  That prompted me to host another no-sugar challenge.  If you recall, I hosted a Live Sugar Free 30-Day challenge with Kathy (Sugar Free Girl) of Sugar Free Nation.

It was a huge success and many people reaped an amazing amount of health benefits.

That’s the why.  Who doesn’t want to live a healthier and more abundant lift with less bone aches and creaks?

This challenge will help you slowly but surely transition from a high-sugar diet.

Ill Effects Of Eating Too Much Sugar

I’ve heard from many of you loud and clear – you are hooked on the sweet stuff and need support weaning from it.  Sugar IS highly addictive and in addition to promoting disease, consuming copious amounts of sweetness can also induce:

  1.  Weight gain,
  2. Inflammation,
  3. Dull skin,
  4. Low energy,
  5. Tooth decay,
  6. Increased waistline, and
  7. Memory fog

Just to name a few.

Who wants any of that?  No one I know so jump on board this challenge.

Let’s manage expectations, this challenge won’t be easy and you may want to STOP early on or in the middle but stick with it.  It will be worth it.

For 30 days I will coach you to consume less sugar gradually each day.  I know it says NO SUGAR challenge but let’s face it, how many people are really successful doing things cold turkey?  I won’t set you up to fail.

No Sugar Challenge Rules

  • Absolutely NO added sweetener 🍭 (natural or artificial) allowed – this includes agave, honey, or sweet n low.
  • Stevia is the ONLY added sweetener allowed
  • Follow me on Instagram at Femme Fitale Fit Club
  • Download your 30-day No Sugar Challenge tracker here.
  • Share your progress on social media and use the challenge hashtag #NoSugarChallenge so I can find and feature you
  • Your daily sugar budget is 25 grams or LESS so be sure to READ NUTRITION LABELS and stick to the serving size

Easy breezy.  But seriously you got this.

You Will Need:

  1.  Measuring tape
  2. Challenge prompt calendar (below)
  3. 30-Day No Sugar Tracker (below)
  4. Any type of digestion tea, to aid your digestive tract, to drink nightly

No Sugar Challenge Prep:

Be sure to prep for this challenge to start off on the right foot and increase your chances of success

  • Pre-Day 1:  Measure your waist with a tape measure and record the number of inches.  If it’s over 35 inches there’s work to be done.
  • Pre-Day 1:  Take front, side and back photos of yourself with at least 25% of your body clothed.  Think sports bra or tank and workout shorts or tights for your records
  • Print off your prompt calendar below and post somewhere highly visible to you (bathroom mirror, refrigerator door)
  • Follow the Yes & No Food List below.
  • Grab a copy of the 30-Day No Sugar Tracker to help you stay on track
  • Stay consistent and mindful of food you are eating and its contents
  • Post Challenge:  Measure your waist, with a tape measure and record number of inches.  Compare to Pre-Day 1 measurements
  • Post Challenge:  Take front, side and back photos of yourself with at least 25% of your body clothed.  Compare to Pre-Day 1 photo.  Submit side-by-side comparison photo to me for a chance to win a free entry into the next Cinch An Inch challenge at [email protected]

Sign Up:

  • Sign up HERE for our newsletter to get the daily prompts direct to your inbox

Support And Accountability:

  • Join our Femme Fitale Fit Club online accountability PRIVATE Facebook group to help you stay on track
  • Get your family involved and encourage the entire family to consume less sweets too.  The more the merrier.

What You Can Expect During And After This Challenge:

  • Coaching from moi (follow us on Instagram and Facebook) – click links under general rules and support 👆🏽
  • Decreased sugar cravings 🍭
  • Decreasing waist size 👙
  • Improved digestion
  • Weight loss
  • Clearer skin
  • More energy 🏃🏽‍♀️
  • Sounder sleep 🛌🏽
  • Inches lost around your chest, waist and hips

Bookmark this blog post for easy reference.  Can’t wait to see the slimmer, trimmer challengers at the end of this challenge.

Yes & No Food List

Take this FREE 30-Day Sugar Free Challenge and adhere to this food list to benefit your health. #lowglycemicindex #lowgi #sugarbomb #livesugarfree #sugarfreenation #sugarfreemomma #sugarfreegirl #livingsugarfree #sugarfree #nodiabetes #nosugarchallengerules #30daynosugarchallenge


No Sugar Prompt Calendar

Take this Sugar Free challenge to reduce your daily added sugar intake in 30 days to improve your energy, reduce inflammation and give you smooth, wrinkle-free glowing skin. This challenge lasts 30 days with daily prompts. Your body will thank you #sugarbomb #sugarfree #livesugarfree #nosugar #sugarmomma #sugarbabe #sugarfreenation #sugarfreeliving #nodiabetes #lowglycemicindex


No Sugar Challenge Tracker

No sugar challenge tracker #nosugarchallenge #nutritionchallenge #nosugar #sugarfree #sugarfreenation #sugarshrink


WE CAN DO IT!  Let’s GO.

Leave a comment telling me what you hope to get out of this challenge?


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