New Mom 5-Day Workout Plan

If you aren’t able to sign up for mommy and me fitness classes then this new mom at-home 5-day exercise plan is just what you need.

If you aren't able to sign up for mommy and me fitness classes then this new mom at-home 5-day exercise plan is just what you need.  #postpartum #mommyworkout #momsintofitness #totalbodyworkout #exercise #postnatal #momintofitness #firsttimemom

Congratulations for becoming a new mom whether this is the first child or the third, whether you gave birth 3 months ago or 3 years ago.  You should be applauded.  I also understand, since I’m a mom of 2 that it can be exhausting taking care of a newborn so much so you may forget to take care of you.

No worries, once you have enough energy to focus a little time on you I have a 5-day workout plan for new moms you can add to your arsenal.


Be warned, you should not begin any new workout program without first gaining clearance from your physician.  It’s always good to consult a physician especially if you had a c-section or complications during pregnancy or delivery.

Also be patient with yourself, you just brought another human into the world and your body needs time to heal and recuperate.  Take the time because we want no injuries.

If you are just getting back to exercising and took some time off to nurture life, don’t worry if you can’t complete all sets of the workouts initially.  Getting the mom bod snatch back post baby is a marathon, not a sprint.


5-Day Postpartum Workout Plan

Whether you are a new mom or not if you have small children and babies you need upper body, core and lower body strength to pick up and carry small children.

TIP:  The lower body workout will also help bolster your pelvic floor so if you aren’t able to tolerate the jumping just yet, replace with mountain climbers.

These workouts will help you build the strength to do just that.

Here’s how the 5 days will work.

Day 1:  complete the New Mom Lower Body Workout (28 minutes)

Day 2:  30 minutes of cardio (walking with the baby in the stroller is a great option)

Day 3:  complete the New Mom Core Workout (24 minutes)

Day 4:  30 minutes of cardio

Day 5:  complete the New Mom Upper Body Workout (21 minutes)

If that schedule doesn’t work for you, feel free to mix it up to one that does.  The goal is to begin to resistance train and move your body at least 30 minutes every day.  Each of the resistance training workouts are less than 30 minutes and can be done inside the comfort of your home.

Workout Equipment

The equipment you will need includes dumbbells, step bench or weight bench, exercise mat and a jump rope.  That’s it.  Amazon and Walmart have great deals on affordable exercise equipment so check them out.

If you haven’t been exercising much before you got pregnant, using your body weight only is an excellent option.  Know your body and go at your own safe pace.

The New Mom Workouts

Disclaimer:  Consult with your obstetrician/physician before starting any new workout program.  Be sure to get clearance from your obstetrician to begin exercising your core.  Participate at your own risk.

Can't make it to mommy and me fitness classes? Then try this lower body workout because as a new mom you need strength in your lower body to help lift babies and small children. This workout helps build strength and shape your legs, hamstrings, glutes and thighs. #momsintofitness #exercise #postpartum #postnatal #momsfitness #newmommyworkout #newmomworkout #lowerbodyworkout #bootyworkout


Can't afford mommy and me fitness classes? Then try this upper body workout because being a mom requires upper body strength to lift and carry babies and children. This workout helps build strength in your shoulders, biceps, triceps, back and chest. #upperbodyworkoutfornewmoms #newmomworkout #newmomhomeworkout #womenshealth #workoutforwomen #postpartum #postnatal #upperbodyexercises


If you are a new mom and ready to get your mom body snatched back then you want to check out this core and abs workout. You can do this at home if you can't get to mommy and me fitness classes. #postpartum #mommyworkout #totalbodyworkout #exercise #postnatal #newmommyworkout #coreworkoutformoms


I don’t want to beat a dead horse over the head but I can’t emphasize enough to ease yourself into a postnatal routine.  If you’re consistent your body will be strong and back to pre-baby snatched in no time.

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    Hello, great post with descriptive images. My wife is going to become a mother in a few days. So this exercise I found is very useful for her. Thanks for sharing this wonderful collection with us.

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    Steven December 10, 2019 (10:13 pm)

    Many hours are wasted in the gym or when training at home because you do not train with a training plan. Create your own workout plan immediately. We provide you with the necessary knowledge and show you in detail what you have to consider when creating your workout plan.

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