5 Morning Routines to Boost Energy

If you feel sluggish in the morning try these 5 morning routines that is sure to help you give a burst of lasting energy.

If you feel sluggish in the morning try these 5 morning routines that is sure to help you give a burst of lasting energy. #energy #morningroutine #energyboost #boostenergynaturally

“I’m tired.” It’s a complaint you’ve heard countless times before from your friends, family, partner, children, and co-workers. You’re likely guilty of uttering the expression a time or two, or 100, yourself.

Why are we all so collectively tired? The American lifestyle often leads us to feel lethargic on the regular.

A lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, and lack of exercise all contribute to feeling drained.

You might over-caffeinate in the morning to compensate for the lack of energy, only to be left feeling jittery and exhausted.

But that are some solutions that work to help feel more energized in the morning and stay that way all day.

Try these five fantastic additions to any morning routine to start feeling more awake, alive, happy, and ready to take on your day.

Want a boost of energy in the morning? Then follow these 5 suggested early morning routines to start your day off right. #morningroutine #selfcare

Tip#1: Get a full 8 hours

One of the more obvious reasons you might continuously feel tired is that, well, you’re not sleeping enough.

It is crucial to get adequate sleep every night – the Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours.

If you have trouble getting to bed by a decent hour to give yourself enough sleep time, do yourself a favor by turning off all blue light-emitting screens a few hours before bed, as they can affect sleep negatively.

By ditching the screens, you will help your body get into rest mode as quickly as possible for a night of less interrupted sleep.

If you have a varied schedule, try to set the same wake-up time every day. Your body will fall into the pattern if you keep it consistent and learn when to send signals to itself that it’s time to wind down for bed at night.

Tip #2: Drink a liter of warm water

Your body has been deprived of water all night long. One of the best early morning routines is to begin it by drinking water to replenish your fluid levels and set yourself up for a great day.

Don’t start with coffee – feel free to drink some after swallowing a glass or 2 of warm water. Add fresh lemon juice for its antibacterial properties and a kick of vitamin C, but they are by no means necessary.

This practice will aid digestion, constipation, blood circulation, alleviate pain, and reduces premature aging.

Tip #3: Do some morning stretching

Our muscles repair and recover themselves while we sleep. But they also don’t move a ton, which can mean waking up with tight, stiff muscles.

You can do some stretches, like bear hugs and neck stretches, while still in bed, or get up and find a soft spot on a yoga mat. 

Dynamic stretching is stretching while keeping your body continuously moving, and it is a great way to get your muscles warmed up and improve your joints’ range of motion.

By performing some dynamic stretches with a resistance band, like this one here, you can improve your flexibility quickly and energize your body for the day ahead.

Tip #4: Eat some fruit and veggies

One giant energy zapper is a poor diet lacking in nutrition that leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

What should you eat for energy? Stick with unrefined carbohydrates, lean proteins, healthy fats, and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Keep refined sugar levels down, which can lead to peaks and valleys in energy levels.

To keep energy levels up, eat a breakfast that includes some fresh fruit and vegetables. Try spinach omelet or yogurt with granola and fresh berries.

You can take a multivitamin daily to ensure adequate levels of the essential vitamins and minerals – do your research and find a good quality brand for the best absorption.

Tip# 5: Meditate and breathe

The last piece of the pie is mental stress, which can have a massive impact on energy levels. Prolonged stress (which we all seem to be prone to) throws your body into overdrive and leads to nutrient depletion as your body fights to protect itself.

Take 10 minutes to get in a comfortable seating position, be quiet and meditate, or practice some deep breathing.

If you find it a struggle to quiet your mind, be patient, and allow the thoughts to ebb and flow, this practice becomes much more comfortable with regular practice.

Meditation and stillness are great for finding mental peace and renewing your energy to feel revitalized for the day.

Putting the Plan into Action

If you want to put a little more pep in your step and start your days with more energy try adding as many of these tips as possible to your routine.

It may be hard for you to make a vast change and implement them all at once, so start with 1-2 activities and slowly work your way up to a full energizing morning routine. Before you know it, mornings just may become your favorite part of the day!

Which of these morning routines do you plan to incorporate into your day?


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    lisa January 17, 2021 (5:25 am)

    I need this! Been trying to lose a few more pounds and taking the XLS drink would be a great idea. Happy to know that it worked for you. Can’t wait to try it. Hopefully, I can lose around 7-10 pounds.