In The Gym with Jaquelyn Kastelic

I first read about Jaquelyn in a fitness magazine.  It was near the end of last year and there was this article about a petite woman who lifts MASSIVE weights so I read her story.  I was impressed with her ever since.  I have “liked” her page on Facebook, figured out when I will be able to try her Crossfit “box” located in Virginia (haven’t gotten up the nerve or made up my mind yet) and she has been gracious enough to provide an interview to Femme Fitale Fitness.  I am sure once you read her interview you will be as impressed with her as I am.

FFF:  Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Jaquelyn:  Hi I am Jaquelyn Kastelic, gym owner, fitness model, Optimum Nutrition and athlete.


FFF:  How did you get interested in fitness?

Jaquelyn:  I began to love working out when I was in college, about 2004 I would say.


FFF:  What prompted you to make this your career?

Jaquelyn:  I ran track and cross country during high school so I missed working toward a goal and having competition to keep me motivated. So I began to train for a fitness competition through inspiration from a friend. My first show was Women’s Tri Fitness which consists of an obstacle course, bench press, box jumps, shuttle runs, fitness routine and a bikini portion. I was HOOKED! I competed in many fitness, figure and bikini competitions from 2005-2011. In 2001 I opened my own gym and now just really like to focus on helping others reach their goals. I have still done some fitness modeling but no competitions this year so far.


FFF:  What is your favorite exercise routine?

Jaquelyn:  What I love about my routine is that there really is no routine. Routine is the enemy, your body gets used to it and thus will begin to show no more progress. I do CrossFit, I train heavy power lifts and have a different routine everyday. My favorite thing to do are the Olympic lifts because they are so technical.


FFF:  What do you consider the most useful workout equipment?

Jaquelyn:  The most useful piece of equipment I use is the barbell! It can be used for so many things:squats, deadlifts, snatches, cleans, presses, jerks, evil wheels (this is a core movement), ect. It is very versatile!


FFF:  What do you think is the biggest misconception about this field and what you do?

Jaquelyn:  The biggest misconception is that Women are going to get big and bulky from lifting heavy weight. I HATE when I hear a woman say this. It is far from the truth! I train very heavy and am very petite. Lifting weights will help gain muscle mass which in turn burns more calories. That is what is going to help women lose weight! Plus muscle takes up MUCH less space than fat…huge bonus!



FFF:  What general tips do you have for the average woman balancing family, career with health and fitness?

Jaquelyn:  What I love about CrossFit is that you don’t have to spend hours in the gym, you get everything in within an hour. The high intensity training burns more calories, more fat and with less time! So this is great for people with very busy schedules!


FFF:  How can our readers find you on the web or inquire about your services?

Jaquelyn:  You can find out about my gym at I am located in Chesapeake, VA so if you are in the area come and check us out!


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