In The Gym with Clinton Jiggetts


FFFC:  Please introduce yourself to our readers.

CJ:  My name is Clinton Jiggetts, I’m married and the father of 2 with 1 on the way. I’m 31 years old, and I’m born and raised in Baltimore.

FFFC:  How did you get started in fitness and working out?

CJ:  I’m always participated in sports my entire life. I had dreams of the NFL, and later the NBA. I play Pop Warner  and recreation and park football and basketball and later high school football and basketball. In college, I did not play any sports and quickly began to put on weight. Somewhere around 2005 I got on the scale shortly before a trip to Miami. I realized then that I was “fat”. I’m 5’4 but at the time I weighed 225 lbs. I knew immediately I needed to make a change. For some reason though I ate pizza, subs chicken tenders and hungry man dinners on a regular basis I did not feel fat. I started out just doing the basic things I thought I understood in my apartment complex gym. Later  I added running into my routine and eventually started P90x and the South Beach Diet. I was addicted and began to always look for the latest greatest challenge to help me get leaner, stronger and faster. By this time it was 2006 and I was 155 lbs. I am now 167 lbs which is within my goal range. My only goal now is to get leaner and stronger and help others change their lives.

FFFC:  Why did you make fitness your career choice?  How?

CJ:  I train part-time, and I’m a salesman in my formal career. I started training people when I became a walking billboard. People constantly asked me what did I do, how did I do it, and if I can help them.

FFFC:  How do you balance making time to get in your workouts with the demands of your career and personal life?

CJ:  I’m a big fan of respecting the need for professional help. I hold that true to most things finances,  handyman duties around the house, grooming, and of course fitness. I have a coach I see every morning at 6am. His focus is in strength and conditioning and Crossfit. He pushes me and challenges me, he also teaches me a lot that I can later share with my clients. In addition, I work out with my 1-on-1 clients, and often go out late at night when all the cool people are at the bar and spend a couple of hours at the gym. My wife is a fitness professional as well so we have several routines, and fitness videos we can complete at home as well.

FFFC:  What do you like most about working out?

CJ:  I love see the changes in my body, and the changes in what I’m capable of doing.

FFFC:  What is your favorite exercise routine?

CJ:  Burpees, I have a love hate relationship with them. But the beauty of burpees is there is no excuse. You can do them anywhere and anytime.

FFFC:  What do you consider the most useful workout equipment?

CJ:  I’m a fan of anything that incorporates free weights. But I personally love the squat rack. I do squats 3 days per week, and I always enjoy them.

FFFC:  What do you think is the biggest misconception about this field and what you do?

CJ:  Most people think they can out work a bad diet.

FFFC:  What general tips do you have for the average woman trying to balance family, career with a fitness lifestyle?

CJ:  I always tell my clients they must prioritize your workout. Don’t try to figure out how to fit a workout into your day. Build  your day around your workout. You only need 25 minutes to do something significant for your body and often your body weight is enough. With that said I always recommend weights and not to fear heavy weights. Woman often think they may look like a man if they lift heavy weights. I like to make them better understand that women who look like men often use HGH and other supplements that change their genetic make-up.

FFFC:  Do you have any words of wisdom to share with our  readers who continue to struggle with poor eating and drinking choices and habits?

CJ:  I would like everyone to understand that everyone struggles, and don’t use a bad decision as an excuse to quit the journey. In addition, don’t be afraid to eat a lot and eat often. Starving your body is the last thing you want to do, yet so many do it. Think about it from a logical perspective, why would you sacrifice nutrition, while you are trying to physically improve your body? If your body does not have fuel how can it be a good idea? Try to focus on eating the right foods like lean protein (eggs, chicken, red meat, and fish) green vegetables (spinach, turnip, collard, kale and broccoli) and good fats/carbs (sweet potatoes,  and avocado)

FFFC:  What would you say is your biggest career accomplishment to date?

CJ:  I get inspired by the lives I’ve changed that I don’t personally touch. People who reach out to me via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and constantly tell me how they want to quit but my pictures and updates keep them going. They normally follow-up with pictures to show how they have improved. NOTE: I also virtually train people with personal workout plans and follow-up via text, email, and online chat. Some of my clients live as far away as Missouri.

FFFC:  Who is your fitness idol?

CJ:  Tony Horton, he single handily changed the trajectory of my life.

FFFC:  How can our readers find you on the web or inquire about your services?

CJ:  They can always visit my website at

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