How To Stay Motivated

I remember first committing to a more regular workout routine.  I was excited and felt I could take on the world!  Even though I was not at my physical peak I felt STRONG!  I engulfed myself into fitness by subscribing to magazines and IN MY HEAD seeing and doing the exercises.   And then after about a month or so…the feeling wanes and I got stuck back into my lack of activity rut!

What happened?  How did I lose steam so quickly?  We all can recognize it – beginning of the new year resolutions drive 100’s of 1000’s of people to the gyms crowding the regulars out of the classes, machines and weight equipment!  What gives?  Enough to tick off  a regular but secretly they know….give it until February – they will be able to get back on their regular machines again.

And true to form…..human nature doesn’t disappoint…..folks fall off, find reasons to stop showing up and life is normal again for the gym regulars.  There are many reasons why folks legitimately or illegimately fall out of their newfound routine and it isn’t my place to judge but simply explain what I observe:

  1. Things got hectic at work.
  2. They are still sore and trying to recover before returning
  3. They could not find an exercise class that fit their schedule
  4. The machines are always unavailable
  5. The machines are always out of order
  6. The gym stinks
  7. They are no longer motivated to work out

#7 is the item of interest.  Why do folks lose motivation?  Someone wrote that motivation is not what comes from others but what comes from within.  And it is true….you must compete with yourself and push YOURSELF to do the things other are not willing to do in order to achieve your goal and be successful in a way only you can define.

Looking at others who are where you want to be is GREAT!  I even recommend taking pictures and making a special “board” to constantly remind yourself where you wish to end up on this constant journey.  No one else can do it for you and you have to be SICK AND TIRED of whatever the reason was that got you wanting to hit a regular fitness routine in the first place.  You can’t do it for your family, friends or vanity alone.  You have to do it because you strongly believe it will make a difference in your life and it is the life you want to lead.

Get over it – it is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!  The sooner you accept that the better off you will be.  There are no quick fixes.  If they are quick best believe as fast as you lose the weight, you will gain it back double time.  In this world – slow and steady wins sets the pace and wins the race.  Fast and furious gets your burned out quick lacking the motivation to go on.

This is a commitment, like I stated earlier… is not always comfortable….it is not always convenient but it is an activity you never regret participating in once done.

How to stay motivated?  Keep your eyes on the prize.  Talk to yourself in your head when you want to quit and give up and push past it.  Stop focusing on the scale and give better attention to inches lost.  Invite family and friends to work out with you.  Find an activity you truly enjoy and it won’t feel as much like “work”.  Keep that mental picture in your head of your goal.  Keep a physical picture of your fitness goal around you and on you at all times.  Prepare NOW for the person you plan to be.  I know some of this sounds cliche but that is because this isn’t anything you haven’t heard already.  I’m just reiterating the obvious.

Mind over matter!  You can do it.  Keep on pushing and when you want to give up…….convince yourself you can keep going!

Share with me how you stay motivated when you want to quit.

Let’s GO!

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