How I Saved $1,000 Working Out

How I Saved $1,000 Working Out

When people think about getting fit and fitness they typically think about the cost to get in shape.  Cost of workout clothes, workout shoes, workout equipment and GYM MEMBERSHIP.  It can be a daunting thought.  Also given people have budgets – it may become a primary reason someone doesn’t get up off the couch and work out to maintain good health.

I found a way to save money BY working out.  Getting active is not only good for the mind, body and soul – it can be good for the wallet as well.  I participate in my company’s wellness incentive program and that is how I saved money.

The program works like this – there are several actions you must complete in order to qualify for the incentive which is broken down like this:

Flu shot:  $100

Complete of biometric screening and online assessment:  $300

Indicate you do not use tobacco:  $300

Have a body mass index (BMI) less than 30:  $300

This may seem like a lot to complete but isn’t saving $1,000 in medical benefit premium worth it?  Now I must say the $1,000 savings is PRE-TAX since medical premium is typically deducted from the paycheck pre-tax which lowers the amount of taxable income but any money your company is willing to pay, in addition to your paycheck, is something you may want to seriously consider.

My company credited my premium $100 JUST to get a flu shot.  You can’t beat that.  You are most likely going to get the flu vaccination every year –  so why not get that credit?

I participated in the biometric exam which included fasting 24 hours before scheduled exam, a finger stick for blood, a weigh in and taking my blood pressure.  I found out my “numbers” look really good.    For that, they credit me $300 bucks.

biometric screening

I don’t smoke – EASY $300 credit!

Due to my workouts my BMI came in at 24.5 (I do have a problem with BMI being used at all because I find the calculation oversimplified and doesn’t take a lot of things into account – but that rant is for a later post) which is well below the 30 threshold so BAM – another $300 credit.

And that is how I saved $1,000 by working out.

When I think of the money I spent on gym memberships, personal training sessions and boot camps – getting a nice credit makes it all worth it.  It helps to support the thought, take care of your body and it will take care of you as well as save you money over the long term.

I hope you found this information helpful and it gives you another reason to get up off the couch and stay committed to your workouts.  In the long run – it is money well spent and will pay you back!

Does your company offer any programs to promote health and wellness?  Do you participate?  How does their program work?

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