Happy December 31st


As we close out the year 2012 I have to admit – I do not look forward to crowded gyms full of people on the fitness bandwagon.  I do have to admit – I must get over my selfish ways because while I hate jockying for equipment and machines, I am very glad to see people taking an interest in their health and well-being.  Even if it is just for a few months.  Gotta start somewhere right?  The biggest challenge of getting started will be staying motivated to come out and go hard when it is cold outside and dark.  Dark and coldness tells the body to cuddle around a cozy fire and go to sleep with some comfort, not head outside into the cold air to clank around cold metal and make your muscles uncomfortable.  But I believe this – if you do not CHALLENGE yourself you do not CHANGE yourself and that goes for any and everything you do.  You can not continue to do the same thing expecting different results.  It just doesn’t work like that.


So for those who are going to be wandering into the gym for the first time here are some tips and suggestions we have to offer up that you will hopefully find helpful and informative.

Tip #1:  Start off slow.  Don’t jump right in on the hardest machine, most advanced aerobics class or the heaviest weight because you will burn yourself out before you get started.  Slow and steady wins this race.

Tip #2:  I strongly suggest you take advantage of the 3 free Personal Trainer sessions.   Even if it isn’t 3 free, many gyms offer some form of complimentary session with a personal trainer to show you proper form on the machines, weights and exercises.  Form is of utmost importance, it makes sure you do not get injured while you are working on your fitness.

Tip #3:  Stop looking around and concentrate on you, your breathing, your rep and your weight.  If your mind is not 100% focused on what you are doing, you are not getting the maximum results.

Tip #4:  If you worked it right, YES you are supposed to be a little sore after a session at the gym.  It is completely normal and means your muscles are growing.  As you challenge them, you get these small tears in your muscle.  When you rest is when they mend and grow so rest is VERY important when incorporating a weight training routine.

Tip #5:  Wipe off any equipment you use.  Most gyms, if not all, have towelettes with cleaning spray to wipe down treadmills, ellipticals, benches, hand weights, etc.  No one wants your germs and you certainly do not want theirs.

Tip #6:  Please keep conversation to the locker room or walking out of the gym in the parking lot.  If someone approaches you to help you with your form, that is great, but that is not an opportunity to start an all out conversation.  It annoys many folks who are serious about their fitness and if you are gabbying it up, you are not focusing on your stuff.  Focus on you this is YOUR time.

Tip #7:  Try new things every session.  Don’t get stuck in a rut doing the same routine, every session, all the time, same weight.  You will not see results like that and it will get BORING quick.  Check out a kick-boxing class one day, do free weights the next day, try spinning the following day, sign up for Zumba the subsequent day.  It keeps things interesting, works different body parts and incorporates cardio in the routine whic is very helpful.

Tip #8:  Don’t think just because you are not in the gym you aren’t working out.  Remember, abs are made in the kitchen and if you do not clean up what you put in your mouth, you could be sabotaging all of your efforts.  Why work out hard at the gym, get sore, etc. only to constantly eat burgers, fries, ranch dressing, etc.?  You are working backwards.


Tip #9:  If the weather permits, try and take it outside.  Whether it be running, skiing, snowboarding, etc.  The fresh air will do you good and give you energy as you go through your exercise.

Tip #10:  Try to encourage others to join you at the gym.  The more the merrier and if you have an accountability partner it helps to keep you honest and showing up.  I mean who wants to stand up their friend at the gym after they promised them they were coming?  If you have no friends who are local who you can talk into working out with you, try joining the online FFFC accountability group.  We help encourage each other virtually so that even though we are not there with you, you can remember our posts of encouragement.  Several of us ARE located in the same area and see each other at our workout sessions in boot camp, etc. so it is an added bonus.  Several of us have even travelled to the different cities and met the other ladies.  What a blast!  If you are interested in some online encouragement CLICK HERE to request entry into the group.

So there you have it, FFFC’s tips to bring in 2013 right as you wander into that crazy place of grunts, sweat and clanging metal!  We really do wish everyone the best New Year!  This IS a new year which means you make of it what you choose.  Make it even better than last year.  Set goals, perservere, don’t quit, stay focused, stay committed, stay dedicated and keep it moving!

We wish you all the best and hopefully this time next year, we will continue to see you in the gym and encourage you in our FFFC online group.  Tata for now and God bless you all!!!!!


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