Flatter Abs In 12 Weeks

Get a flatter belly with this 12 Weeks abs reduction fitness program that has helped thousands of people reduce excess belly fat.

Get Flatter Abs In 12 Weeks With Ab Workouts #nutrition #health #abs #sixpackabs #healthy #fitness #hardcore

Disclaimer:  Before beginning any new fitness or workout program please consult with your physician first.  Femme Fitale Fit Club is not liable for injury, loss of limb or life due to your participation in this program.  Know your body and know your limits.

I constantly receive inquiries from women asking what they can do to reduce their excess belly bulge.  I explain what can be done to get rid of belly fat for good which includes dial in your nutrition, get rid of sugary food and drinks, increase your HIIT cardio and strengthen the core.

Once you have your nutrition in order, it’s time to get your core in order.  This sample abs program will target all muscles in the abs including obliques and lower abs which plague many women due to childbearing and c-sections. 

This 12-week get flat abs program includes not only ab exercises but high intensity interval training cardio to burn the excess fat covering the abs. 

Don’t rush the exercises in the workouts.

If you’re asking yourself why do you want to do this again, check out these flat belly tips and tricks to remind you why you want to do this.

Follow the exercise calendar for the next 12 weeks.

As always make sure your nutrition is on par with your goals.

Getting started

Measure your waist and document the number of inches.  For women, a healthy waist circumference is 35 inches or less.

Always warm up before and cool down after any exercise activity.  Depending on your fitness level, follow the suggested number of sets and reps.

Complete each exercise and associated rep with measured tension.  Don’t go too fast.

If you don’t own the cardio equipment described in these workouts replace with a jump rope, running in place, butt kickers, high knees, ski jumps or jumping jacks to get your heart rate up.

Don’t forget YOU GOT THIS!


The goal of this program is to strengthen your core as well as burn excess body fat to reveal nice abs.

Follow the calendar to a T.  No cheating or skipping, be consistent and push yourself even when you don’t feel motivated to do it.  It will be worth it.

Use the ab routines as a finisher to your normal workout, not a replacement of them.

Grab a friend and ask them to complete this program with you to keep each other motivated and encouraged.

Wear comfortable loose clothing so your body can breathe.  Please do not wear waist trainers, plastic wrap or waist belts while completing these ab exercises.  While you may have excess sweat, it doesn’t target fat loss or burn fat any faster.  It simply dehydrates you.  Let your body breathe.

Sip plenty of water during your workouts to stay hydrated.


Generally you will need the following but each workout will list the equipment required to complete the workout

  1. Treadmill or outdoor 400 m (0.25 mile) school track (1 time around) 
  2. Yoga mat
  3. Moderate weight dumbbells (8 to 10 lbs)
  4. Gym equipment: Captain’s chair, bench

Ab Workouts (click the links to get the workouts)

Core Blast Home Workout // 1000 Abs Workout // Lower Belly Pooch Blaster // Hardcore Abs Workout // Burning Core Pyramid Workout // 5-Minute Core Home Workout // Standing Abs Gym Workout

HIIT Workouts (click the links to get the workouts)

Fat HIIT Crush // HIIT And Run Low Impact // HIIT And Run Moderate // HIIT And Run Extreme // HIIT Cardio // HIIT Cardio 2 // HIIT Cardio 3 // Dirty 30’s Workout

Workout Calendar


12-Week Flat Abs Workout Calendar

Follow this calendar to a tee.  Make sure you download, save or print off and post it somewhere visible to keep you accountable.

flatter abs in 12 weeks instructions

Get A Flat Belly In 12 Weeks With Ab Workouts #nutrition #health #abs #sixpackabs #healthy #fitness #hardcore

Get A Flat Belly In 12 Weeks With Ab Workouts #nutrition #health #abs #sixpackabs #healthy #fitness #hardcore

Get A Flat Belly In 12 Weeks With Ab Workouts #nutrition #health #abs #sixpackabs #healthy #fitness #hardcore

If you try this program for the next 12 weeks please tag me on Instagram @FemmeFitaleFitClub using hashtag #FemmeFitaleFitClub (follow that hashtag too to see everyone’s post) and share your workouts, flat belly progress and results.

Don’t forget to join our FREE fitness accountability group at http://facebook.com/groups/femmefitale to stay accountable.


Get A Flat Belly In 12 Weeks With Ab Workouts #nutrition #health #abs #sixpackabs #healthy #fitness #hardcore

For a more comprehensive total body program plus meal guides check out my 12-Week #NoFluff program here http://bit.ly/12weekfitnessprogram.

It includes 6 meal guides, daily workouts and programs for all fitness levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced (gym membership required).

Here are a few of the results.

#nofluff fitness program abs flatter abs



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