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Many people enjoy working out alone.  It gives them time to concentrate on their mind/muscle connection and it is their “me” time.  They work out solo in the weight room or running inside or outside.  I don’t fault them because if you get the “wrong” workout buddy it can be more harmful and beneficial and our work out time is precious so who wants to get up and out and return home just to feel like they wasted time and did not benefit their body as much as they could?

Several of us actively participate in the 3-times a week boot camp classes by Monte Sanders.  When I started going to the class I did not know anyone but my friend who came with me.  Otherwise, I looked like a babe in the woods trying to figure out how not to pass out with all the running and sprinting we were doing inside and outside (I started back in August).  I continued to sign up for subsequent sessions except for September and worked hard to change my body and get more fit.  What I eventually realized over time is that I was slowly but surely getting to meet, know and encourage others in the sessions.  Fortunately the sessions remain fairly consistent with the boot campers so I see the same people month after month.

We started exchanging emails and mobile numbers and actually text and message each other before or after class to keep each other motivated.  If someone did not show up, we message them to make sure they are ok.  If someone had an outstanding session, we send encouraging text messages complimenting them on an awesome performance.  We recognize and congratulate each other’s efforts and communicate throughout the week (whether we have class or not) about life and other common topics we have in common.

Recently at one of our sessions we were asked by Monte what the online workout was.  We are assigned online workouts for those days we do not have sessions.  Well I know I checked for the online early Tuesday morning, noon and at 8:00 pm ~ no online workout.  Usually I send it to the other ladies because since I have their email addresses, I created a distribution list to make sure they all get the information.

No one knew it.  Not just because it wasn’t posted, but because I think some never checked.  Well you know we got it that day!  Jump rope, sprints……multiple sets…it was INSANE!!!!    I felt like I was back online!  Going through that with these amazing women helped me realize something…….we have a FITNESS SISTERHOOD and bond that continues to get stronger and stronger month by month.

We even enjoyed each other’s company outside of class in our street clothes one evening.  Everyone got dressed up, had their hair done and put on make up and went out just to enjoy each other’s company and socialize.  You have to remember, we typically only see each other in the morning with head rags, work out clothes and no make up on.  Seeing everyone all glammed up is such  a surprise because we see each other in our other element.  The fellowship was awesome and we are planning to meet up every quarter to enjoy each other’s company.  THAT is a sisterhood I never expected or planned for but glad it found ME!!  I am proud of each and every one of them and their accomplishments.  They push and drive me every day to do better and BE better!!

CHEERS to the SOF Bootcamp Fitness Sisterhood!!!

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