Fitness Idol – Jade Teta and Jill Coleman

A few nights ago on Facebook the Metabolic Effect team hosted a 1 hour Q&A session with Jade Teta who is one of the authors of The Metabolic Effect Diet book.  He is a biochemist, holistic physician and personal trainer!  Phew!  The session was wonderful and it looked like he responded to each and every person’s questions.  I was impressed he made and took the time to do that.  He even answered one of my questions and his answer made sense – no scientific mumbo jumbo.


After that session I marched right on over to (well symbolically speaking anyway) and ordered his book “The Metabolic Effect Diet”.  I have known about him and this book for months.  His wife is also in the fitness industry and I also subscribe to her  fitness page  She has awesome articles, cardio workouts, circuit routines and much much more!  They are one of many of my true fitness idols!


Since I am on Operation Bikini Bahamas over the next 21 days it is important an effort is made to trim the fat so the hard work of my workouts shine through.  And that is what this book is about.  How to make each workout count in less time than traditional routines which call for hours in the gym.  One of the key standouts of this program to me is they identify the difference between eating to lose weight vs. eating to lose fat and after much thought on this – THEY ARE RIGHT!  There are many whole foods out there that are healthy for you but won’t necessarily help you lose the fat covering all of those muskles – yes I said MUSKLES (took it back to In Living Color). 


The other component of what they explain as part of ME is how the exercise “chains” are composed to maximize muscle growth so while you are eating to lose the fat, you are using a special exercise technique to build the muscles which results in an amazing body!  And this technique talks about enhancing the metabolism so fat is still being used as fuel even after the work out!  Who wouldn’t want that? 


Now, from what I have previewed thus far – this book does not sell you on quick gimmicks.  You will have to WORK for the body you want but it looks like it can be done within less time which is important for those of us who are extremely busy with all types of daily commitments and activities.


Once I finish the book I will provide my own review.  Until then enjoy a few of their exercise demonstration videos they have on  I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I do.  They are NO JOKE!


Remember – you will not reach your goals standing still!

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