FFFC #Challenge #25: Positivity

Think positive thoughts and share a caring word to make someone else feel better on a daily basis.

I am keeping this week’s challenge very simple.  Or maybe it isn’t that simple for many.  Either way, you will never be able to achieve or exceed your goals if you do not first BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT!  Stop all of the negative thinking limiting you.  Stop the self criticizing.  Stop being your own worst enemy and critic.  You are beautiful, strong and CAN DO whatever you set your mind.  Keep positive thoughts at the forefront of your brain daily and see how much you get accomplished when you know and believe you can get it done.

This challenge also means being a blessing to someone else.  Give a compliment to someone on a daily basis.  Say thank you and show true appreciation to someone daily.  I am sure at least one person gives you a reason to say thank you each and every day.  Do not take others for granted.

We here at FFFC believe being strong and fit means being strong not just physically but mentally and spiritually.  Keep the faith, stay strong and STAY POSITIVE!!!!

Let’s GO!

Femme Fitale Fit Club

Motivating you to Firm, Fit and Fabulous!

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