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Find out how Tina started her fitness journey and changed her life for good.

Tina #weightlossbeforeandafter #weightlosstransformation #weightlosstips #blackwomenweightloss #weightlosssuccess

“This health journey is a daily, sometimes hourly battle & you have to change your mind set, food intake, circle of people around you & REMEMBER ITS FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH not a number or ‘size’…  It’s hard to believe that I’ve gone from a size 22 headed to size 24 (2x-3x). Now I’m a size 6/8 (medium/small).” @tkakamzk2u

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Tina and I have lost 94 pounds. But most importantly I’ve learned and gain and healthy lifestyle  FOR LIFE!!! 

What sparked your weight-loss transformation journey?

After being treated for Breast Cancer along with a stressful job, my weight fluctuated, and I felt like I let herself go. Eventually, I was mentally ready for change and decided to focus on the basics of eating right and exercising. I learned that although every plan and fad won’t work for everyone, you can figure out what works for you and take action.
At 268 pounds, I was at my highest weight ever. My weight went up and down after I went through Breast Cancer 6 years ago. I just let myself go, and I was dealing with a stressful job as well. I came to a realization that only I could do the work to change my life. No matter how many “fad diets/pills” I tried or trainers I hired, I wasn’t mentally ready yet.
In December 2017, I decided to go back to the basics of eating right and exercising. Now, I’m heading back to myself. 94 pounds down and I’m not done yet. I’m feeling great and healthy! I will be traveling because of my love of Latin and African dancing, which keeps me active. All of this will allow me to incorporate my healthy living journey into becoming a certified nutritionist/lifestyle coach.
Sometimes you have to step away in silence and step away from toxicity to re-focus on yourself, your family, your credit and your career.

What was your starting weight?  What’s your current weight?

My highest weight was 258 pounds, and my current weight is 164 pounds. My goal weight is 155 pounds, and my height is 5’6″.  Honestly, I’m waiting to reach my goal weight to save up for a tummy tuck.
Tina #weightlossbeforeandafter #weightlosstransformation #weightlosstips #blackwomenweightloss #weightlosssuccess

How did your eating habits change?

 began by cutting my meals in half. Then, I cut back on unhealthy carbs. I eat healthy, complex carbs instead.  I completely cut out sugar and salt.  I only use spices, herbs, and agave /monk fruit (if needed) to season or sweeten foods.
I try to keep my macronutrient per meal or snack to 3-5 grams of fat, 3 -5 grams of sugar, and 3-5 grams of carbs. Again, all per meal/snack.
I eat lots of protein and veggies. I also drink 64-80 oz of water a day. 

What do you typically eat for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner?

So a typical day maybe a veggie egg white omelette and two slices of turkey bacon. for snacks I may have 2 tablespoons of pb2 peanut butter and 1 oz of berries, for lunch it could vary between a salad with lime dressing homemade or a beanless turkey chili,  for a afternoon  snack I will have a protein shake usually chocolate (premier or pure protein) because it fixes my chocolate craving and has very low sugar ( made with unsweetened almond milk); dinner could be air fried salmon & veggies.

What’s your fave fitness activity?

I do a lot of Zumba because I work as a licensed Zumba Instructor 3 days a week. I do this along with cardio and light weight training 2-3 days week. Along with Latin and African dancing.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned along this journey?

I’ve learned for ME…that I need to take time to eat my meals (at least 20-30 minutes), and stop drinking at least 30 minutes before I eat. When it comes to weight loss and fitness, everything doesn’t work for everyone, and it definitely doesn’t work as we get older and enter new stages of our lives.

Tina #weightlossbeforeandafter #weightlosstransformation #weightlosstips #blackwomenweightloss #weightlosssuccess

What advice do you have for someone who wants to get started with their fitness journey but don’t know where to start?

Do what works for you and know that fad diets do not work. What you put in your body will produce 80% of your outcome, along with your attitude about what you want to happen to your life and your body.
Sometimes keeping your weight loss goals quiet in the beginning will help to deter others from making you lose focus… UNLESS you have a great support system.

Tina #weightlossbeforeandafter #weightlosstransformation #weightlosstips #blackwomenweightloss #weightlosssuccess

How can readers learn more about your transformation and journey online (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)?

Instagram: @tkakamzk2u





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