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Submitted by: Michelle

FFFC:  Please introduce yourself.

MG:  Hello, I’m Michele ‘TheKnottyTruth” George a mother, sister, friend, scientist, certified personal trainer and natural hair coach, author and at the root of it all a child of God.

FFFC:  Why did you decide to join Femme Fitale Fitness on Facebook?

MG:  Honestly, I was invited. I get invited to a lot of groups on FB, but because I have a history with the owner of the group, I accepted and knew it wouldn’t be a bunch of spam and junk, so I came inside to see what was going on!

FFFC:  What has been your fitness challenge that you have or working to overcome?

MG:  To keep mixing things up. I get in a rut because I know what works for me and I get fearful of getting  off of my routine, yet I get bored.

FFFC:  What do you consider the best fitness advice you have ever received?

MG:  I do not weigh myself anymore.  If I weigh too much, I’ll beat myself up.  If my weight is down, I eat too much, lol.  At the most I measure myself and judge by the feel of my clothes.

FFFC:  What type of workouts do you enjoy?

MG:  I like weight bearing exercises the best like Yoga, Ttap, Pilates. When I hit my mid 20’s I was doing crazy cardio workouts (5-6 hours a week) post my first baby,but my body was not changing. I incorporated Joyce Vedral first then Ttapp and still do both to this day. I went from a size 12 to 6 and have been holding for over a decade in my 6’s.

FFFC:  What is your current workout routine?

MG:  I just completed the Awesome Abs Solution workout and it was hard. There was nothing fun about it and it worked! I’m incorporating that into my spinning, TTapp and Yoga workouts. I workout around 5:30 AM everyday or I just can’t get going. I need the adrenaline to feel good throughout my day. I take walks at work throughout the day and walk 6 flights of stairs 2-3 times a day.

FFFC:  We all know good health can not just be attributed to  just exercise but also a good diet – what do you consider your biggest diet challenge right now?

MG:  I do love sweets.  Sweets are my weakness.

FFFC:  Who is your greatest fitness idol and why (personal or famous)?

MG:  I don’t have one, honestly I try my personal best. I’m 5’2 with a short torso and cannot compete with the models with long torsos, legs etc. So I try to be my personal best.

FFFC:  What motivates you to strive to be healthy and fit?

MG:  My children and my budget! I plan to keep my size 6’s and that’s it. At one point I was shrinking below a size 6 and my husband was not pleased with the emaciated look. So I agreed to maintain here.

FFFC:  What advice to you have for the average Jane not sure where to start on the road to good health?

MG:  Do a little bit each day and at the end of a day, week, month, year you will be better than you were the day you started. Do your personal best and find something you love to do and you will come out winning every time.

M. Michele George is a Biomedical Coordinator and resides in Columbus, OH with her husband and children.  She is also an author and is very secure with maintaining her current physique.  She maintains her goal measurements 34-28-36 for over 10 years by staying fit and active.

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