Drinking Calories

I know many of us are challenged to cut calories in order to create a deficit if we are trying to lose weight.  One of the hidden “treasures” of calories has to do with what you drink!  I know who knew?  I am down to 133 lbs from 137 lbs and I did a simple thing – cut out all flavored beverages and just stuck to drinking water day in and day out (breakfast, lunch and dinner).  I do like white wine and relegated that to weekend consumption now vs. during the week in the evenings like before.

I also upped the high impact cardio with sprints and suicides in boot camp but trust me, if I did not get a handle on what I was drinking…then I am not sure I would see the results I am finally starting to see.  Actually I lie – I do not see the change but many others say they see the change in me and that I have stepped up my game in fitness physically.  I think it takes a while for our brain to catch up since we see ourselves daily but I am glad to receive the compliments.

Try cutting out calorie beverages M-F and drink them only on weekends.  Let me know if you see any results after one month.  I am sure you will!  Happy drinking!


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