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Drinking Calories

I know many of us are challenged to cut calories in order to create a deficit if we are trying to lose weight.  One of the hidden "treasures" of calories has to do with what you drink!  I know who knew?  I am down to 133 lbs from 137 lbs and I did a simple thing - cut out all flavored beverages and just stuck to drinking water day in and day ...

FFF Challenge #8: No Alcohol Of Any Kind

We are now beginning with challenge #8.  I told you this will start to get more challenging so hold on to your barbells! Drum roll please..............this week's challenge is:  No alcoholic beverage of any kind Monday - Friday Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy a tasty bottle of dry white wine  Chardonnay is my wine of preference and I enjoy ...

HBO Documentary – The Weight Of The Nation

I started watching the first of a 4-part HBO documentary which tackles America's obesity problem head on!  The first 2 parts aired May 14 and the last 2 air tonight.  If you watch, share your thoughts on it.