Dr. Pamela Ross’ Green Smoothie Delight

Dr. Pamela Ross, MD is a very good friend of mine.  She was actually in my wedding.  She is an amazing person and I ventured to her page and found this delicious-looking green smoothie that I just had to share and also TRY!  This is part of my plan for tomorrow morning.

Make it for yourself and tell me how you like it?



1. handful of fresh kale

2.  handful of fresh spinach

3.  Frozen mango

4.  Kiwi

5.  Banana

6.  Strawberries

7.  Orange

8.  Apple

9.  8 oz of water


Want to rock the smoothest smoothie ever? Then get you a Vitamix TurboBlend 2 Speed.


Add to blender until smooth, pour and enjoy.

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