Bootcamp Season #2 Session 7

Hi everybody!!!  I hope everyone had a productive and ACTIVE weekend!  I know I did.  I actually did the online workout prescribed by the SOF boot camp and did pretty good.  It included 10, 10M sprints which I did on the treadmill at 9 mph.  Clearly I need to amp that up to 10 mph because my sprints this morning were still short.  But I am moving too fast ahead.

I took off the next two days and it is amazing how that mindset gives you energy.  I arrived at boot camp a little early today (earlier than I normally do by about 5 minutes) and got my good stretch in and a little chit chatter with some of the other participants.  Then got myself ready for our 1 mile warm up.  You know – I really like doing that for a warm up.  Helps to get your blood flowing.  I had “Awesome God” blaring in my ears by Fred Hammond and that is a fantastic way to give thanks, spend time with Him and get your cardio in all at once.  🙂  God is good!

We then got our mats and water and headed to the floor for over 1000 reps of ab work.  My abs are really developing because I did flutter kicks, criss-cross kicks, crunches and everything in between without stopping!  That is improvement.  Then we rolled up our mats and got on the baseline where we knew what was coming next….sprint drills.

We do 2 types.  One is sprinting back and forth between 2 baselines in an attempt to do it 15 times in one minute or under.  I struggle with this because I can’t seem to get under 13 reps this session!  Last session in August, near the end I actually got to 14.5 times in a minute.  Monte had pity on me and asked the crowd to cheer for me since I was in the “advanced” group and the only one who could not make it under one minute.  I still didn’t do it but it felt good to have the support.

The other sprint drill we do is to run from the baseline to the free throw line, back, middle court, back, far free throw line, back and far baseline and back in under 30 seconds.  My time today STUNK!  I can usually do it in 31 seconds.  Today I was like 32 and then 33!  UGH!  Yeah you read that right, we did 2 sets.  Have you ever had that feeling of your heart about to jump square out of your chest?  That was me after these sprint drills!   But I did learn not to lean over to catch my breath but to stand straight up and I got to share it forward and instruct someone else not to lean too far over so she could get enough air.

We then went back to the floor for more ab work because according to Monte’s watch we had 8 minutes left.  My watch said we had 5 but oh well.  I made it through.  I left, came home, showered, got dressed and folded clothes from this weekend.  Washed up my son, got him dressed all by 8:30 am today!  Can you say ENERGY?


God bless!

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