Bootcamp Season #2 Session 3

I’m feeling good.  Third day into my second session of the Sanders Optimum Fitness bootcamp and I can’t complain.  I still got it.  At least to some extent.  We typically use Thursdays to focus on toning.  That is important for weight loss and strong bones – especially for those of us in our ahem…40’s!

He started us off with 7 laps around the gym in a nice jog.  Then we had to grab out mats and water for a session of abs.  Then came the dreaded words…after the last set of abs take your mats and water off the floor and go to the baseline.  That means we are about to do these sprint drills and boy…they are tough!

One set of sprint drills includes us standing on the baseline and running between that and free-throw line, back, midcourt, back, far free-throw line, back and far baseline back.  ALL UNDER 30 seconds!  You are running with others but you are really racing YOU against YOU!  My time can’t seem to get under 31 seconds no matter how hard I will it or try.

The next set of sprint drills includes us running between 2 black lines back and forth 15 times all under 1 minute.  I don’t know about anyone else but the action of running and trying to turn on a dime quickly and sprint back and REPEAT is just a mental thing that drives me batty!  And after I think I am doing good b/c I am on my 8th time and he yells out 30 seconds….I feel like all of a sudden a big weight of fatigue settles over me and my legs start getting extremely heavy and start moving in sloooowwwww motion!  I think my body is giving up on me.  OH LORD!  Please I am so close, let me make it to at least 14 touches before he calls time……and THIS time I made it to 13.5 touches before he called time.  Better luck next time I guess.

And just when I am feeling a wee bit defeated, I am gasping for air into my lungs because now I am wiped out!  I lean over and a fellow bootcamper tells me not to do that but stand up and keep moving until my heart rate comes back down which is good advice.  I don’t want to pass out from dizziness and lack of oxygen because of bad recovery techniques.

The next group goes and then he has nerve to say – “Oh good it is only 6 am!”  WHAAA?  We aren’t even at 6:15 am or something?  Are my ears deceiving me?  When is this torture over?  Then we pick up our hand weights and do various fitness exercises around the gym in a line which tone our biceps, shoulders, triceps and ultimately our glutes!  We finish up with all sorts of squat exercises that has people groaning in sweet pain.  Set of 25 and 50 can be hard to come by at the end of sprints, weights and abs!  But then he says we can bring it in which are sweet words to these ears and give us our pep talk to leave with and then we are THROUGH!  No more torture for a few days but he does warn us – if we do not work out this weekend we will regret it because he is going to turn up the intensity next week – EEK!

Let me not be a slouch and make sure I get a workout or 2 in.  He has these online workouts that he releases one at a time and he strongly encourages we complete those to be prepared for the following week.  What do you think I’mma do?  THOSE WORKOUTS because I can not be getting smoked in bootcamp!  LOL!

Toodles guys and come back to read more about my bootcamp adventures!  Who has some new fitness adventure they would like to share?  Leave me a comment below!  I want to hear all about it.

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