Bootcamp Season #2 Session 1

Ladies and gentlemen – I rocked bootcamp again today.  I signed up for another 4 weeks of the Sanders Optimum Fitness Bootcamp and this time he is going hard on us.  Monte Sanders that is.  Before and after photos…video testimonials.  I mean the works!  He is even giving us a meal plan to follow to encourage fat loss and weight loss.  AMAZING!  I am in total bliss when I go to bootcamp.  Not because I am on easy street and it is a breeze.  Trust me it is HARD!  Makes me sweat and breathe heavy….but makes my heart light.

There is encouragement, rooting for each other, hard work, real sweat and muscle-throbbing exercises.  If you follow the program YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!  Now, I am obviously getting better because while I am still panting I am not panting as hard or heavy.  My heart is getting stronger and my lungs can easily take in more air and supply oxgen to my muscles!  It is almost like a RUNNER’S HIGH!  I can’t really explain it.

It is the hardest hour out of your life but one of the most fulfilling.  Check out your local paper and search for one near you.  It can be scary to sign up but I guarantee you will not regret it.

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