Bandz #Workout


I must admit this is one of the most RATCHET songs I have ever heard.  I also discovered my husband downloaded it on iTunes!  Regardless of how off the hook it is sometimes we just need to get RAW because it helps us through those tough workouts or long arduous runs.  Well I had to name this workout after this song because it was a tough one and I needed to take my mind to a place that allowed me to push through.

Needless to say this song did it.  DON’T JUDGE ME!  🙂

Enjoy this workout and leave a comment if you decide to work it out.

Equipment needed:



Hand weights

# Exercise Reps Weight
1 Left   leg step up – front raise 15 10
2 Right leg step up – front raise 15 10
3 Reptile   push up right 12 NA
4 Reptile   push up left 12 NA
5 Forward   lunge right ankle touch 20 10
6 Foreward   lunge left ankle touch 20 10
7 Chest   press 20 40
8 Bench   V-Ups no hands 20 NA
9 Alternating   forward lunge bicep curl 15 30
10 Alternating   backward lunge shoulder press 15 30
11 Calf   raises 50 30
12 Leg   raises 20 NA
13 Leg   raise hip raise 20 NA

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