I Don’t Ask For Much

But am grateful for everything God blesses me with.  I really want to be blessed with first place in this virtual contest.  It lasts from March 1 to May 31 (I know a long time but help ya’ girl out).

Please please please (yes I’m back to begging again) help me out and

vote for me DAILY by clicking >>>>>>> HERE<<<<<<<<


 and after “LIKING” the page and possibly installing the social treadmill app, scroll to the bottom and look for my name Diatta Harris and this face.187654_537430494_1045081676_q


1.  You will have to “ALLOW” the Social Treadmill app

2.  You WILL have to “LIKE” the Brick Bodies page but no worries, once this is done – unlike them if you wish

3.  Best to vote via iPad, laptop or desktop.  Mobile phone will work but is a little tricky

So come on….all I ask is you spend 5 seconds of your day – well every day until the contest ends to keep voting for me so I can place first!!  Here’s a big smooch in advance thanks for helping me win MUAH!!!!!


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