30 Days To a Better You | Day 2

So, how did you do with the first day? Share what you did over at the challenge group page on Facebook.

Your Daily Mind Challenge
Mind Coach Krista Nelson
 Take a Few Minutes to Meditate 
It’s easier than you think.
“Meditation is the
art of seeing into the nature of one’s being, it points the way from bondage to
freedom.” DT Suzuki
  1. Enter the Meditation Room      
  2.  View the Photographs
  3.  Breathe In       
  4. Smile
  5. Breathe Out
  6. Repeat
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Your Daily Food Challenge

Ela Whitten Food Coach

Today’s challenge: Choose a notebook (and pen) to be your designated journal. Yes, it can be a

bother to journal but keeping a journal is one of the best ways I know to get in touch with your

food mood connection.

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 Your Daily Fitness Challenge

It just so happens that one of my new favorite work out channels on YouTube has a 5 Day Challenge. I love that the majority of the workouts on this channel are around 30 minutes which is the recommended time for working out. The videos include modifications, calories burned, and a timer. Some do utilize dumbbells or kettle bell, however it is not required. You can use other household items for weights such as water bottles, canned goods, or a gallon of water for a kettle bell, or use your imagination. If you are going to use something else for dumbbells be sure to have them on hand.

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Your Daily Soul Challenge

Diatta Harris Soul Coach


Meditate on this scripture through out the day.

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