30 Days to A Better You | Day 1

Good morning and welcome to day #1 of the 30 Days to a Better You Challenge. We recommend you do all of the challenges, but if you feel you have one of these areas down in your life feel free to skip it.

Krista Nelson Mind Coach

Boo! Scare Away Bad Feelings and Negative Vibes    Halloween daemons and the ghosts of your last fiasco are no match for good music. There isn’t a single piece of candy corn that’s sweeter than the lift I get from my positive music playlist. I keep it on my phone like a silver bullet for my wolfman inner-critic, a ray of sunshine for my vampire gloom, and a blanket for my rattling skeleton fear. While I am always tempted to play my favorite upbeat music loud enough to wake the dead, the volume isn’t nearly as important as the way the rhythm gets me moving and the lyric makes me smile.  Almost nothing scares the blues away the way a smile does. Let your favorite music be a tonic to any of your post Halloween troubles. Create your own personal upbeat playlist. I started mine with Tower of Power’s “Squib Cakes” because the horns and drums insist that I shake something loose.

There you are with your head bobbing and lips poked out, hips moving and elbows out. SCARY!!!!
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Ela Whitten Food Coach
Welcome! I’m Ela Whitten, a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. It is my mission to inspire,influence and persuade people to make healthy food and lifestyle decisions for themselves, to betheir own personal health strategist. By choosing to be part of this challenge you get a super,gigantic, golden star in my book. You are someone who is looking to make shifts in your life and Ialways encourage that. Making changes is really hard. That’s why, we’re not going to think of thischallenge as having anything to do with making changes. Forget changes! Let’s reframe whatwe will do over the next 30 days as ‘crowding out’. Crowding out is where you add new foods intoyour diet and without meaning to, you crowd out other foods. How much food can we eat in aday, right? Adding in newfoods will eventually replace the less ideal foods in your diet.But no pressure!
There is no goal here other than to get in touch with your body( and eventually your soul). 
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Joyce Wheeler Fitness Coach
We need to have at least 30 minutes of exercise 6 days a week for optimal health. I have chosen some videos, which I personally do and include modifications. If you get tired do not, I repeat do not quit, do a modification and than get back in the game. I encourage you to push your body, not to the point you are in pain, pushing the body is what allows us to get stronger. With time before you know it, you’ll be going gosh this is nothing challenge me. Whatever you do don’t give up!!!!! 
Some tips, never ever lock up any joints, remember to breath out through the mouth on the exertion. Keep the belly sucked in at all times it strengthens the core and aids in better balance.     
There are two videos to chose from the first is for beginners and the second is for those who want a harder workout. Timer and calories burned are included. The first is about 28 min. the second 30 min.
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Diatta Harris Soul Coach

Meditate on this scripture through out the day and visit Diatta at Femme Fit Club to read her latest blog post.

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