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Fitness Idol – Faith Hunter

This woman is awesome.   She is beautiful, strong and someone I would love to meet one day.  Her name is Faith Hunter and she is a yoga guru in the Washington, D.C. area.  I mean how many people do you know can do this?  Many of the ladies in Femme Fitale would also like to take the time to travel down to take her class and one day we will ...

Prepare for Success

This is a challenge for me but for those of you needing to manage your diet, preparation is what is required for success!  I love following this channel on because they  have nice wonderful healthy recipes and the food is DELICIOUS!!!! Check them out! Let me know if you  try some of ...

That Doesn’t Hurt Workout

All workouts have a level of discomfort to them if you are pushing yourself and pumping up the intensity.   This one worked me and felt really good.  Try it and let me know how you like it by posting comments below. Equipment needed: Dumbbells Bench Print this workout here:  That Doesn't Hurt Workout Seq Exercise Reps Weight 1. W...

Choosing A CrossFit

Very informative blog post.

BodyBugg: Week 2

I'm just trying to figure how this thing works. BoddyBug: Week 2.

Sometimes You Have to Tap Out

I'm tired.  Last week I was travelling back home from the gym and I passed my husband going TO the gym and we stopped and talked briefly through car windows.  The first thing he told me was "you look tired go home and rest some more".  Of course when I got home I rushed around to get dressed, cook breakfast, make my lunch and zoom out of the ...

FFF Challenge #5: Eat no poultry, pork or beef Tuesday and Thursday

We are now beginning with challenge #5.  This is our version of "meatless Monday" but applies to Tuesday and Thursday. Drum roll please..............this week's challenge is: Eat no poultry, pork or beef Tuesday and Thursday I have to admit - this is going to be a challenge for me especially since I am constantly told to consume protein to ...

FFF Morning Rise Yoga

I am very excited that Femme Fitale Fit Club will be hosting its very first morning rise yoga session with our very own Rae Sunshine in July 2012!  Stay tuned for pictures from the event. ~Namaste~

Weight loss stall

I believe that when taking on a new routine, you follow through on the commitment, and then assess the results after a special period of time.  I have been working with my trainer twice a week (give or take skipping some weeks due to other commitments) since April 2011. I step on the scale and it hasn't moved.  I weigh almost the same now as ...

Flashing Lights – Kanye West Video (clean version)

Want to know what is in my playlist?  This is one of the songs that keeps me amped whether I am running or doing a circuit routine!

Breakfast Series

Are you ready to go on a breakfast tour with me and try out new and delicious recipes featuring Jennie-O turkey breakfast meat products?  Stay tuned! [slideshow]

Run As Fast As You Can Workout

I completed this workout AFTER a 22 minute outdoor run - IN THE RAIN!  Needless to say I felt icky and exhilirated all at the same time while finishing up this workout in the gym.  I went home and took a VERY nice and soothing shower.  Try out this workout and let me know how you feel! Equipment needed:  Step bench with 4 risers each ...

This is why sometimes you just have to do what works best for you.

DoggCrapp Reloaded C-3 (round 3)

Sometimes it is what it is but as long as your commitment doesn't wane - it is all good.

Are you the chicken or the pig?

  When it comes to our committed are you?  Are you just taking it easy and doing what comes or are you willing, able and committed to making a change and show it with constant effort?  Take the poll and share with us.  Don't worry - you are amongst friends. [polldaddy poll="6315233"]