10 Reasons To Join Planet Fitness

If you are debating whether to join Planet Fitness here are 10 reasons why you may want to.

If you are looking for a gym home here are 10 reasons why you should consider making it Planet Fitness.  #planetfitness #nojudgementzone #gymgoer #gym #fitness #fitfam

I’ve been paying for gym memberships for as long as I can remember.  For the most part I’ve received a corporate discount so my family could attend as well.  Monthly gym membership payments do rack up when you think about how much is spent annually.

Some see a gym membership as a barrier to going to the gym but one possible option to consider is joining a Planet Fitness gym and here are 10 reasons why.


The cost to join is one of the most affordable around I’ve found.  Base membership is about $10 a month and to sign up for the Black Card which offers more services, it’s $20 a month.  The sign up fee charged annually is $39. 

I know people who left my old gym just to save over $600 a year by joining Planet Fitness.  If your company reimburses for fitness memberships even better.

Open 24 hours

You read that correctly, in addition to affordable gym memberships they stay open 24 hours a day.  The only exception is they do close early for National Holidays.

Whether you are a morning person or late night person doesn’t matter, you can go to a Planet Fitness gym at any time.

Flexible membership

As mentioned in point #1 above, they have a couple of membership options which great.  While the basic membership only provides you access to Planet Fitness, the Black Card membership offers more services.

With the Black Card you have access to the massage chairs and tanning beds.  You can also bring a guest FOR FREE. 

It also affords you access to any Planet Fitness nationwide.  You can bring guests with you even if you’re visiting a Planet Fitness out of town.  That’s major since most gyms charge for guests.

Offers free fitness classes with certified trainer

Everyone knows how costly hiring a personal trainer can be but Planet Fitness offers scheduled fitness classes for FREE for basic and Black Card memberships.

If you want to attack those abs or build up your glutes, they have a 30-minute FREE class for you.

Teens workout for free during Summer months

I absolutely love the fact that Planet Fitness allows teens between the ages of 15 – 18 years of age to attend for FREE.  If you are raising a teenager and they are slouching around the house saying they are bored, then take them to the gym. 

Black card gives you access to any Planet Fitness around the country

The merits of the Black Card membership was espoused above and this feature here is excellent especially if you are a constant traveler.

Once you join Planet Fitness, they have a lot of gyms across the country so you have no excuse to not get in a sweat sesh while on the road.

Clean environment

I don’t know about you but I’ve paid good money to some gyms and the hygiene leaves a lot to be desired.  At Planet Fitness the staff is constantly mopping and sweeping the floors removing debris.

The gym goers are diligent about wiping down equipment before and AFTER use.  They keep cleaning solution in spray bottles with brown papers towels all around the gym so you don’t have to walk far to wipe off equipment.

Friendly staff and gym goers

I have yet to attend a Planet Fitness where the staff and gym goers were not pleasant, kind and helpful.  I can admit I’ve met some new friends at Planet Fitness in the gym goers because when you tend to go at the same time daily, you see the same people and eventually you start talking and getting to know them.

Staff is patient as well and always willing to answer any questions you may have.  That means a lot.

Up to date equipment

My Planet Fitness switches out equipment about every 2 to 3 years.  Every once in a while if a piece of equipment is under the weather they quickly repair it.

They have the common pieces of cardio and weight lifting equipment you would expect at the gym so again, no excuses to not get in a nice cardio or weight lifting session.

They also have sections within the gym for abs, stretching, total body with PF360 and 30-minute Circuit.

The PF360 contraption has you performing active work for 60 seconds and resting 30 seconds and repeat.  It contains kettlebells, medicine balls, cable machine, dip bars, step up platform, handles for pull ups and TRX straps. 

The 30-minute circuit includes leg press, lat pull down, shoulder press, hamstring curl, biceps curl, triceps push downs, ab crunch, seated lat pulls, leg extension machines and steps which can be used for step bench exercises

You work on the machine for 60 seconds and rest 30 seconds and then go to the step and perform an exercise for 60 minutes, rest and then move to the next exercise machine.  It’s very convenient and easy to follow.

Free pizza and bagels once a month

Ok ok I know this is a controversial topic but I say getting free pizza and bagels once a month is a nice perk.  What other gym feeds its patrons on a regular basis?

Now you may say but Dee, it’s pizza and we are here to lose weight and build muscle.  Hear me out – one slice of pizza is not going to have you hustling backwards.  A bagel should not have you seeing all of your results going down the drain.

Continue to hustle hard and use the pizza nights and bagel mornings as an opportunity to fellowship with staff and other gym goers.  Anything to promote camaraderie is a win to me.

How I got these top 10

I asked the individuals in my fitness accountability group about the top 10 reasons to join Planet Fitness and this is what they shared. 

Do you agree?  What would make you consider joining Planet Fitness?


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