What Had Happened Was: Zumba

As many of you know this month FFFC is celebrating Zumba!  Now, I have never actually signed up or participated in a Zumba class.  I first heard about it about 5 years ago from a former co-worker who attended  She said she tried this new class called Zumba and all she could think of is that I would love it.  Over the years I have been active but haven’t ever tried or signed up for Zumba.  I figure focusing this month on Zumba would provoke me to start taking some classes.

So I started this month with zest and found 2 such Zumba events to try.  The first event is held weekly at 7 pm in Woodlawn, MD by a very popular instructor named Germain Turner-Jones.  I hear her Zumba class is on FIYAH!  It appears to have a lot of positive reviews.  Another opportunity was on March 9th on University of Maryland College Park campus.  Kirsten joined FFFC and teaches Zumba and LOVES IT.  I figured 2 classes, oh yeah I am in!  I even solicited a co-worker whose wife also teaches Zumba.   He said I could call her and get something scheduled or go to her page at robinrouse.zumba.com and find out when and where she is teaching classes.  I believe she also has a Friday session in Woodlawn, MD as well.

So I am all geared up.  My cousin even posted photos of her Zumba class which has up to 100 people in there sweating it up fogging and steaming up the pillows!  I am thinking – OH YEAH I definitely must try to be a part of that.  Friday, March 8th comes and by the end of day I am exhausted, hungry and ready to go home from work and just put my feet up.  My stomach was grumbling so bad all I could think of was “FEED ME”.  See this is one thing about me and I am not trying to be difficult or a creature of habit but it is very difficult for me to work out in the evening.  I let so many things get in the way and I also allow my demanding job to stress me out that by the end of day – I want nothing to do with anything.  My cousin called and offered to take my children to see the new Oz movie and with THAT my husband and I used it as an opportunity to head out to our favorite local spot to grab a bite to eat and get some alone time.

Right now I am zero and zero when it comes to taking my first Zumba class.  But there is always Saturday right?  I get up early on Saturday to go to my 8 am Saturday boot camp class.  I invited a co-worker and her hubby so I had to show up there to support her.  Plus I am excited about boot camp because that is exactly what I do for my workouts, plus it is a known entity AND close to my home.  Woodlawn, MD is not that close.  But either way I planned to attend the 2 pm Zumba session down in UMCP.  Ended boot camp, went home and got washed up.  Took my son to the grocery store to pick up a few things and by the time I got home at 1 pm my husband had to run some errands and there ya go…I sat down and took a NAP!  Second Zumba session come and gone!  I am so lame.  LOL!!  Fortunately, Kirsten posted photos from the class which was sponsored by the Kappa Phi chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.  Even MORE reason why I should have gone since we all are sorors!  But as long as God gives you breath there is always tomorrow right?  So we are only 10 days into March and it isn’t over until it’s over so I will try again this Friday and make sure I eat enough during the day that I am not completely and totally exhausted!

Stay tuned as I share my Zumba experience.  Everyone has hyped it up so much I am dying to find out for myself how much fun it is!  Wish me luck!

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