Top Reasons Why You Should Workout With a Group


Yes let me get straight and to the point – I love working out with a group!  It is an inspiring and amazing thing for so many reasons.  I workout with a group of awesome women in boot camp.  From there we decided to run together so a handful of us (more like 8-9) run regularly together at 5 am and NOW I have a workout class at my gym that we just started with 4 of us working out with my personal trainer together.  I can’t tell you how much that has helped me!!!

Now on to the good stuff because I am not a good cliffhanger writer – here are MY top reasons why you should workout with a group.  There is a downside to everything BUT I strongly believe there is more GOOD in working out with a group than negative.  Here are my top reasons:

Reason #1:  Accountability – working out with a group of ladies waiting on you to show up keeps you accountable.  Even when you don’t feel like it you can’t keep folks hanging so it forces you to get up and get out there.  Once you are on your feet, dressed and out the door you will most likely get into the mood for the workout of that day.  It helps to keep you honest.

Reason #2:  Comraderie – it is so great to know you aren’t suffering alone.  Whether it be killing that hill during a run or going heavier on a weight, being with others and understanding what each other is going through helps to keep that circle of support going.

Reason #3:  Motivation – to see a friend go faster, further, or harder on a workout routine will help you up your game and STOP going through the motions and really focus on what you are doing so you in turn become stronger and faster.

Reason #4:  Helps you push past your comfort zone – my friends have some of the wildest ideas I never would have thought to do on my own whether it be run 5 miles before boot camp or execute a common exercise routine in a more challenging way – they can help push you to new heights and help you showcase you are stronger than you ever thought you were.

Reason #5:  Understanding – if everyone else thinks you are crazy for doing what you are doing, you know they have your back because they are out there with you.  This fitness thing is NOT easy and it takes sacrifice and getting comfortable with uncomfortable.  It is comforting to be with people who understand your pain and can relate.  It gives you the level of understanding if no one else understands – your workout sisters DO!

Reason #6:  Stuff in common beyond fitness – you are together so regularly you may find you have other things in common and it buds into a lasting friendship outside of the gym or running on the pavement.  Good friends are hard to find so when you find someone you trust – embrace them.


There you have it – my top reasons why you want to work out with a group.  NOW – it isn’t easy finding a steady workout group.  You must find people who are dependable, trustworthy and will SHOW UP!  That is the difficult part.  Read more on how to find a fitness friend.  You also want to try and find someone a wee bit faster or stronger than you because it will push YOU outside of your comfort zone.  No challenge NO CHANGE – remember that.

Do you currently have a group you workout with regularly?  How did you form your workout crew?


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3 Replies to "Top Reasons Why You Should Workout With a Group"

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    Becca November 27, 2013 (6:22 pm)

    I know working out with a partner would help motivate me! And same for accountability. Thanks for sharing this at the hop!

  • comment-avatar
    Push Pull December 1, 2013 (7:57 am)

    I love having to workout with my friends. Its like I’m not working out at all since it is so much fun.

  • scott December 23, 2013 (2:25 am)


    good info!