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What I’m Listening To

When I workout I need some heart-pounding, body-rocking, bass-thumping music in my ears.  My propensity for the BASS comes from my years spent at one of the best universities in the country, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University! Go Rattlers!!! So let's go...this is what I am listening to this week.  I tend to rotate my music about ...

Shape Cardio Workout

Incorporating cardio into any workout routine is a very good bet as it revs up the metabolism, burns fat and helps to strengthen the heart.  I found the following routine in Shape Magazine which is one of my go-to magazines. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...Let's GO!  Leave a comment on how you felt afterwards.

Cardio Routine

Cardio is one of the best ways to improve stamina and endurance.  You have to play and go hard to get the results you desire.  Femme Fitales don't give up and are not afraid of a little hard work and sweat.  Let me know if you complete the following cardio routine and how you feel afterwards by leaving a comment. Nothing ventured, nothing ...