New Equipment Madness

Has anyone ventured into their gym lately and seen this thing?

One day I did and was like (^@(*&@^#(@!  So brave me (yeah right) decided to jump on.  Umm, the thing does not appear to be turned on (none of the lights are on).  Oh oh I have to start peddling to get the thing to light up so I can set my workout.  After figuring that out, arms and legs could move in synch or totally out of synch….#)$(*#&$(*#&$ is this?

This is awkard..this is strange….am I really going to work up a sweat?

I don’t know if I am feeling it.  You can lean forward and peddle really fast.  You can crank up the resistance by pushing a lever.  You  can stand straight up and try and mimic an outdoor run.  You  can change up and work it like an elliptical.  It is very versatile…so much so… I am not sure if it is effective.

For now I will stick to the tried and true treadmill and stepmill (otherwise known as THE BEAST).  Anyone else work out on this thing and found it great for cardio?

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    nerdthatruns May 17, 2012 (9:03 pm)

    i did see this equipment at the gym…..i tried it…and gave up! Its…awkward to put it best