I Was Hating Life Today

Today, the alarm clock did NOT go off but m body clock woke me up instead.  I opened my eyes, stared at the curtained window in the dark while the clock time announced5:05 am…and I was not happy!

I was tired still and did not want to leave the warmth and comfort of my cozy bed at such a God-awful time of morning.  So I contemplated rolling over and getting in another 55 minutes of zzzzZzzZZZZZs!  Then the “angel” on my shoulder told me that I would regret not getting this workout in today because that would mean I would have to work out every day for the remainder of the week.  No Sunday off?  Let me get my butt up!

So I dragged myself out of bed while my husband rolled over snoring (maybe getting up wasn’t such a bad idea since my dear is sawing lots of logs in dreamland)!  I dawdle in the morning because I need to give my body time to WAKE UP!

I stumble in the pitch dark, go to my closet, turn on the light, close the door so not to wake my hubby (I am such a good wife) and get dressed in the closet.  I tumble out of the closet and am sure not to slam the door and fumble through the dark out of the room into the hallway.

Once safety of the stairs is reached I jog down and turn on lights in the kitchen so my vision is no longer impaired.  Gym bag – check, water – check, bandana – check, updated iPod shuffle play list – no check (let me get new music pronto and stop wasting time.  Gym shoes – check, Sportline HRM – strapped on and check but this durn heart beat isn’t being detected!  Let me wait 5 minutes while I put on my gym shoes and socks and hopefully it will pick up.  Five minutes come and gone – no heartbeat!  CURSES #$)(*&#$)!

Well hopefully by the time I get to the gym it will turn on!  Gym bag is loaded and let me not forget my wallet and mobile phone, rev up the car, raise the car garage and OFF I GO!

Blasting my music in the car (to get my hyped and to wake me up) I round this corner, that corner..and 7 minutes later I arrive at my destination.  Grab my gym bag and I’m out!  I check in at the front desk, speak to the front desk clerk, she gives me my towel and I slowly walk through to strategically pick out my treadmill.  Ah, there is one on the corner with the built in fan and no one else is on the row.  I even think that TV works and can get CNN.  I wipe down the machine get ready and prepped and DRAT left my bottled water in the car on the dash!  Should I go back out and get it?  BUMP IT…I’ll drink it after I finish my work out.  So I select my manual program and go to select my channel…..where the heck is CNN?  OH GEESH this is one of those treadmills where the TV doesn’t get CNN!  CURSES#)($*&#)&!  Should I get on another machine?  Well I already wiped this one down and am ready to go.  BUMP IT…I’ll just watch the local news.

And so I start……on slow (3.0 mph) and work my way up to a steady pace (6.0 mph).  Blood is finally flowing and heart rate is going up and HEY the monitor is picking up my heart rate. HOTDOG I am finally on my way.  And then…….it happened.  Of all the empty treadmills in the gym, this fellow jumps on the one RIGHT NEXT TO ME!  One inhale..fresh air…next inhale……STALE FUNK!  I am about to choke!  What do I do, this man smells like morning breath, hot garbage and moldy clothes all rolled intoONE!  I can’t hold my breath – I will pass out.  I do not want to stop I just got started…plus I did not want to be rude.  Maybe I can inhale/exhale through my mouth — UGH COTTON MOUTH!  I am left to huff, puff and bear it!  Eventually my nose adjusted and I was able to finish.  Thank GOODNESS he hopped off after 10 minutes and went to other areas of the gym.  I did not know how much longer I would be able to endure the torture.

I finished my 32-minute workout, hopped off and returned home.  I felt good and awake.  Running is like drinking a big cup of coffee!  It wakes you up.  I did not regret the workout and cardio and felt proud of myself because I pushed beyond my laziness and comfort and pulled a Nike and JUST DID IT!

Sometimes we have to talk ourselves into things we know are good for us.  Who ever regretted a workout?  Well I would have if ol’ dude had waited me out and kept slangin’ his funk and sweat my way on the treadmill next to me.  But I know one day at a time is what it takes to get to real permanent results so I did it.

I started off hating life today and ended up with a sense of accomplishment.  Who wouldn’t be proud of that?  Have you done anything today you are proud of?  If so, what was it?

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    DSTPRL May 23, 2012 (8:39 pm)

    This post may sound negative but trust me…every day isn’t a full-of-energy day. I have my days but I persevere because there is a goal to be caught.