Strong and Sexy: The Best Full-Body Workout Routine for Women

Strong is the new sexy that’s why more women are becoming hooked on strength training as their workout of choice.

In the old days, there was a misconception that women should stick to cardio and aerobics because weight training will only bulk up their feminine physiques.

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But this old wives’ tale is now a thing of the past. For women to get leaner, shapelier and more importantly, stronger – engaging in strength exercises has become widely accepted.

Women are biologically different

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While there’s nothing wrong with adopting the same weight-intensive workouts men usually practice, it is however important to understand that women are simply biologically different. For example, women have slower fatigue rate and faster recovery rate. This means that they can embark on routines with shorter rest periods to maximize fat loss and provide aerobic benefits.

The endurance capacity of women in performing low to medium intensity exercises is higher because of them having greater type I muscle fibers. What this means is that they will benefit more in doing full body exercises than spot training.

Calisthenics for women: The easy and practical workout choice

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It is generally accepted that women are multi-tasking experts. Unlike most men who tend to focus on one task at a time- it is not uncommon for women to juggle different responsibilities making their day a hectic mix of personal and career demands.

This is one reason why a lot of women tend to forego exercise because of the excuse that they lack the time to go to the gym or they’re too busy to squeeze in a workout session.

To make this work out much easier for women, this full body workout is not only equipment-free but it can also be done anywhere. The moves incorporated in this routine are based on calisthenics, a form of exercise that only uses body weight as resistance.

Calisthenics for women is a perfect choice because the exercises are compound which target multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Not only does this save time, but also makes the entire body leaner and stronger.

Whether you are at home, in the park, or even if you are travelling, you can perform this workout with no problem. This makes it very convenient especially for busy moms or career women who can barely find the time to work out.

The importance of warming up

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Your body should be warmed up properly before you perform an exercise routine. This is crucial because it helps your body become more mobile and flexible during the exercise. This reduces the risk of  injury because the muscle fibers are far less likely to rip and tear.

When you warm up, you are also raising your core body temperature. This will boost your circulation so more blood flows around your body. What this ensures is that more oxygen and nutrients are fed to your muscles and you gain more energy while training.

If you are a cardio fan, you can jog or run as a warm up before a strength training exercise. You can also do the following moves:

  • Shoulder rolls – 10 per arm
  • Knee bends – 10 reps
  • Head rotations – 20 reps
  • Hip rotations – 10 reps
  • Knee lifts – 60 seconds
  • Heel digs – 60 seconds

The strong and sexy routine

Disclaimer:  Perform these workouts at your own risk.  Femme Fitale Fit Club is not responsible for injury, loss of limb or life due to your participation.  Before starting any new workout routine consult your physician first.

To perform this routine, you should do the exercises circuit style, meaning one after the other. Rest a maximum of 10 seconds between exercises or shorter if you can.

Do three (3) rounds of the circuit and rest should only be 4 minutes between each round.

Sexy And Strong At Home Workout For Women Workout 1

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Sexy And Strong At Home Workout For Women Workout 2

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You can start by doing this routine at least 3 times a week. However, because this is a full-body exercise, doing these exercises daily should not be a problem. When your body gets used to the routine, you can increase the rounds to upgrade the workout.

Don’t forget your sexy diet!

Just like any exercise routine, your efforts will go to waste if you are not paying attention to what you eat. Even if you do 10 rounds of this exercise in a day, if you keep stuffing yourself with cupcakes every minute, you won’t see any results.

The good news is you don’t really need to starve yourself to get that strong and sexy body. If you focus on the right types of food and avoid the bad ones, then you’re closer to your goal. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind.

  • Drink plenty of water, at least 1.5 liters a day
  • Focus on whole foods like protein, vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits
  • Avoid junk food, processed food and any food rich in sugar or empty carbs (cake, candy, ice cream, white rice or bread, chips, pizza)

Let me know what you think about this fitness plan and workout.

About the Author:

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith started calisthenics at age 26 as a means to lose weight and tone her body. After completing her first successful muscle up, the amazing feeling inspired her to train further and become a full-time calisthenics instructor. Rebecca also holds a Management Degree and a Diploma in Nutrition.

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