No Gym Needed Workout Tips

If you gave up your gym membership or never had one, here are your no gym needed workout tips to help you strengthen and tone in the comfort of your own home.

Take your workouts to the next level even without a gym and in the comfort of your home with these workout tips.  #athomegym #homegym #homegymworkouts #workoutathome #getfit #fitness

Why do we work out? We do it to get our heart rate up, burn energy, burn calories, lose weight, gain weight, build strength, build confidence, challenge ourselves, compete, and survive.

Each person has their unique motivation and reasoning. But, there is one common denominator. 

Whether it’s for beauty, health, or strength, whatever goal we are trying to reach, the only way to achieve it is with our bodies.

There are countless studies, research, theories, and fads about the ideal workout, but the one thing they all include is our bodies.

Whether you realize it or not, the heavyweights or fancy memberships are not what improves your fitness and health.

These are only a means to an ends. Our bodies, their abilities, and how we push them, are at the core of fitness. 

It is easy to find exercises that you can do from home, but here are some tips and tricks for things you can use to have an even more effective workout without the gym.

If you gave up your gym membership or never had one, here are your no gym needed workout tips to help you strengthen and tone. #athomeworkout #homegym #healthyathome #homegym

Make anything a workout

So much research shows that functional compound movements are the way to go because they use multiple muscle groups and replicate movements that we use in real life. A squat is simply sitting and standing.

A deadlift is picking something up. A push press is pushing it overhead.

The interesting this is, we spend so much time and money recreating real life at the gym, why not make real life your gym?

Here’s how:


Next time you are doing your laundry, rather than simply grabbing a shirt and hanging it up, try doing a full squat to pick it up. Stand up to hang it, and back down again for your next item.

This also applies to doing the dishes. Carrying groceries from the car? Why not do some lunges to the kitchen?


Next time you are playing with your kid, instead of getting tired of playing the same game over and over, take this as a chance to get that heart rate up.

Playing airplane?

Pick your kid up with your feet and do a few leg presses before putting them down. Tossing your child in the air? Pay attention to your form and get in a few push presses or thrusters.

Child sitting on your belly?

Notice the opportunity to crank out a few glute bridges. Your kids will love these, and you’ll get in a quick workout while playing.


Ah, the dreaded stairs. Who would take the stair next to the escalator? Well, people who want to be more intentional about their health do. Next time you are given the choice, why not opt for the stairs instead of the elevator.

Additionally, rather than driving around looking for a parking spot by the front door, why not drive to the back and walk instead? 

Use anything for your workout, no gym needed

While incorporating simple exercises into daily life is a great trick, this does not neglect the fact that you do need some focused workout time.

But not everyone has space for a home gym, or the gear necessary for a good work out, right? Wrong!

Toilet paper

Grab some toilet paper rolls for a fun and unique workout. Stack the rolls while holding a plank. Do V-ups while tapping the rolls with your toes.

Milk jug

Did you know that 1 gallon of milk is about 8.6lbs? No milk? Fill a pitcher or bucket of water. Use this for some added weight to your squats or presses.


Ok, this one you might not have laying around the house, but if you are going to invest in anything, try a set of workout bands that I use by Arena Strength For Women (this is an affiliate link so if you make a purchase I receive a percentage).

With a set of good bands, you can add resistance to almost any movement, thus turning it into a killer workout.

No home gym? Make your home a gym!

While it can be fun to work out at a gym, for many, that is simply not a practical way to incorporate regular fitness into their lives.

In many cases, it is simply not necessary. If we remember our bodies are the focus of any workout, you’ll see that almost anything done with the body can become a workout if it is done intentionally. 

Applying weights or bands for additional resistance can take our workout up a notch, and perhaps help you meet your goal faster. Recognize these tools for what they are, and appreciate your body for how amazing it is.

Look for ways to add a little bit of oomph to your next laundry day, grab some toilet paper for your next workout, and invest a bit in some quality bands. You may find that a formal gym is a thing of the past.

Do you workout at home? What is your favorite home workout?


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    gymtofitness December 21, 2020 (10:36 am)

    Setting up a gym in the home can be very expensive and finding an article like this can be really helpful especially for people on a budget. I am a fitness enthusiast myself, knowing how important workout can be makes me even appreciate this content even more. Keep up the consistency.

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      Coach Dee
      December 22, 2020 (7:18 pm)

      Exactly – a home gym doesn’t have to break the bank

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