New God Flow and Week In Review – 10/14 – 10/19

My workouts have only included running in the past few weeks since I discontinued going to my personal trainer for a few weeks.  I just could not swing the cost ($80 a week for 2, 30-minute sessions).  I would like to be able to keep that up but honestly – as long as I have been a loyal client, I was not seeing a price break any time soon.  BUT I am happy to say I start back with her October 29th for $8/session vs. $40/session and I can’t wait.  I will also be working out with friends so I am pretty excited.  Trust me – we here at Femme Fitale Fit Club believe in working out in groups (we ARE a club after all LOL).  It is a fantastic way to be accountable and SHOW UP for the workout because you know people are waiting on you plus you can help each other.  I have worked out in a group before and the trainer kept the exercises varied (muscle confusion) and intensity high to raise our cardio.  I’m happy to be coming back with my Femme Fitale Fit Club sisters.

Here’s my music selection for the week.  Been bangin’ this in my ears all week during my runs and it has helped me greatly!

Monday – 10/14

I went back to Boot Camp with Sanders Optimum Fitness where he ran us through a 1-mile warm up, ladders, and all types of toning exercises with hand weights.  How could I forget – PUSH UP PYRAMIDS!  Gotta love it – NOPE!  It was all good – saw friends we haven’t seen in a while and got my body back in gear.  I signed up for the next session which starts October 28, 2013.  Can’t wait.  Been using this week to get my mind right.


As you can see I burned up some calories in there in LESS than an hour.  I stopped my clock too soon.

Tuesday – 10/15

Even though I was sore as all get out from Boot Camp the previous day I still got out there and ran with my Pavement Warriors.  We tore it up.



Wednesday – 10/16

Stayed in the bed to relax these sore muscles.  My arm feels like it si going to fall off.

Thursday – 10/17

SLEPT IN but the soreness is finally starting to feel better.

Friday – 10/18

We did our 3-mile trek and when we returned to the parking lot we ran into BGR! Baltimore.  It was a big fellowship and hug fest in the parking lot because everyone was congratulating each other on their recent past accomplishments such as running a half, running a marathon or something else MAJOR!  We took a bunch of photos!!  It was fun – but had to cut it short to go home and get ready to make the donuts.



Saturday – 10/19

Me and my girl went up to the NCR trail to run nice and early at 7 am.  The birds were singing, the trail was peaceful and the air was crisp.  PERFECT day for running.  We put in over 7.5 miles!!!!!

I put on my Femme Fitale Fit Club gear and just layered.

I put on my Femme Fitale Fit Club gear and just layered.


We hit the trail bright and early.

We hit the trail bright and early.


Legs were toast after this even though the trail is flat.

Put in a very nice distance.

Put in a very nice distance.

I’m getting very close to getting 60 miles this month and I am pretty excited about that because that will be an all-time NEW PR for me!!!!!!

Also, don’t forget – for the month of October we have a new challenge “Your New PR” Challenge using the Strava Cycling or Strava Run app and enter the raffle we have going on by downloading the Strava app and following ME (Diatta Harris) on the app!  Isn’t that easy?  What are you waiting on?  I would like to reach 100 raffle entries (100 followers) to make this an interesting raffle.


Motivating you to Firm, Fit and Fabulous!

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    voyagesista October 23, 2013 (6:08 pm)

    See, reading posts like this makes me wish I were in Baltimore to exercise with you guys! I tend to go at it alone, which is okay, but when you have partners who are CONSISTENT, it makes the workout more intense and enjoyable. Now, let me go purchase this shirt!

    • comment-avatar
      DSTPRL October 23, 2013 (6:45 pm)

      LOL!!! Thank you for the support! Next time you are in town definitely come out and show off because we LOVE company. Working out in groups is a very good way to stay motivated and stay accountable. It also helps you get outside of yourself with your workout and push through with others also trying. Come through we would love to have you!!!

  • scott December 23, 2013 (3:18 am)


    good info!

  • Wayne January 18, 2014 (9:45 pm)


    tnx for info!