Meal Mondays – Probiotic Green Smoothie

Delicious Probiotic Green Smoothie Pinnable

If you have been reading this blog for a while or checking out my Instagram then you know I LOVE a green smoothie.  Well I decided to take this up a notch and add some extra goodies to reduce bloating.  I taste tested this on my cousin and she said it was very good.  

The coconut water makes this super hydrating and the banana really brings the sweetness and carbs.  The Siggi’s drinkable yogurt helps with maintaining good gut health and the baby spinach is a great source of Vitamin A, E, and C as well as Niacin and Iron.  The star of this smoothie is the yogurt which has probiotic cultures.  What are probiotics?  They are live yeast and cultures that are good for your digestive tract.  They are considered helpful or “good” bacteria that help move food through your system.

I hope you enjoy this delicious green smoothie and make it over and over.  It really is a winner.  If 1 banana is too much for you simply cut in half and use half of a banana for this recipe.

Probiotic Green Smoothie Ingredients - Sigg's drinkable yogurt, banana, baby spinach and mango chunks


11 oz coconut water

4 oz Siggi’s drinkable yogurt vanilla

1 cup baby spinach

1 cup frozen fruit

1 banana

Probiotic Green Smoothie Recipe bananas, spinach, siggi's yogurt, mango, coconut water



Add all ingredients to blender and blend until very smooth.  Drink right away.

Delicious Probiotic Green Smoothie

Bon Appetit

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