Product Review: Cordskinz

Cordskinz Product Review

Disclaimer:  I was provided complimentary Cordskinz for the purposes of this review.  As always, all opinions in this product review are my very own honest one.  This post may contain affiliate links.

I don’t know about you but I tend to throw any and everything inside of my gym bag and GO.  And if you are anything like me you have dozens, ok maybe not dozens, but definitely more than a single pair of earbuds stuffed in there as well.  My biggest issue has always been tangled earbuds.

There’s nothing like already being late for boot camp and rushing in attempting to remove your tangled earbuds from your gym bag and then spending 3 minutes on the sideline detangling them.  Well my friends, that is where Cordskinz comes in.

I was more than excited about an opportunity to review this product because this is what has been missing in my repertoire of products – something to keep my Yurbud earbuds tangle free.  Let me share with you some important information about them.

Where To Buy Cordskinz:

Cordskinz website or

Product Features:

  • Comes in 11 colors
  • Easy to slide on and to remove
  • Each set comes with a 2, 20-inch Cordskinz and skinner tool
  • It protects your cords

Tangled earbuds

Price point:

The MSRP for this scale is $9.99.  In my opinion this is a very affordable price to save you headaches later.


How I used it:

Cordskinz Instructions

I followed these very simple instructions and I had both of my Yurbud cords skinned in less than a minute.  Seriously – it doesn’t get any better or simpler than this.


To these this out I threw my Yurbuds back in my gym back and then pulled them out and voila – no tangles.  That means when I pull them out to use in the future, I won’t be fighting with them for 3+ minutes before I can begin using them with my workouts.  SCORE!

Recap of Pros/Cons:


  • Easy to set up
  • Comes in a bunch of colors
  • Affordable


  • I have none to date.


Overall I give this scale a 10 out of 10 stars.  It’s simple and easy to use, comes in 11 colors, is effective and affordable.


Purchase Your Own:

If you would you like to purchase your own, click the below image and start shopping.

What do you use to keep your earbuds detangled?

Untangled Yurbuds vertical

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