Meal Mondays: Flying Avocado Cafe Southwestern Wedge Salad with Chicken Review


Southwest Salad with Chicken

I’m so excited to be sharing this review of The Flying Avocado Cafe and their Southwest Salad with Chicken with you all.  This cafe is less than two miles from my home and is very unassuming but OMG, the food is delicious.  I used to hate to read about other cities having juice bars, health bars, heck even OXYGEN bars but my town never had anything that innovative.  Well my prayers have been answered.  Now, the website dubs it Baltimore’s Best Vegetarian Restaurant but as you can see, they allowed me to order chicken with my salad so ummmm, that’s not necessarily vegetarian but that is just a minor detail.  LOL.  Now on to my review.

Cost:  approx. $11.45 with chicken.  Approx. $8.45 without chicken.

Food:  They serve breakfast and lunch including specialty sandwiches.  They even have a children’s menu.  They serve organic, non-GMO and gourmet eats.

Location:  10210 S. Dolefield Road, Owings Mills, MD.  443-471-2600

The Flying Avocado Cafe

Description:  Half a head of iceberg lettuce garnished with corn pico de gallo, roasted black beans, tortilla strips, 4 Mexican and cheddar Jack cheeses and topped with a tangy chipotle ranch dressing.

Review:   The Flying Avocado Cafe touts it is vegetarian and uses non-GMO and all organic ingredients.  I am all for that since I don’t ordinarily cook like that for myself.  I ordered the Southwestern Wedge Salad with Chicken.  It comes in the basic plastic clam shell to-go container.  If you get there before afternoon rush hour (M-F) or on the weekend they can typically prepare it in about 5 to 10 minutes.  The day I purchased this salad I went at lunch time and I waited a solid 15 minutes as the cafe was crowded.  They took my order quickly but it just took them time to put everything together.  

Let me say though – it was worth the wait.  This salad has everything I love to eat:  black beans, corn, lettuce and those delicious tortilla strips.  It gives it a nice crunch.  As you can see, it is a wedge of iceberg lettuce (lowest on the nutritional value scale I know) but it was crisp, cool and filling.  The salad came with the dressing mixed in but I suppose you can ask for it on the side.

From the very first bite my tastebuds were singing!  Now I am not going to get into over-the-top descriptions of the food.  I think you can read that I thought this salad was delicious to the very last drop.  It also left me filled without the overstuffed feeling so WIN-WIN if you ask me.  Also, even though the salad dressing came on it it was not heavy, overdone or extra creamy.  It was just right.

You definitely get your money’s worth.

I would rate this a 9 out of 10 stars.  It gets a 9 vs. a 10 because of the extended wait times.  That may not seem fair but at lunch time, no one wants to wait 15 minutes for a salad.  

Do you know of any decent cafe’s in Baltimore?  Leave a comment with the name below.

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