In The Gym with Gigi Eats Celebrities

FFFC:  Please introduce yourself to our readers.

GG:  Well, I’m GiGi, or excuse me… Genevieve Germaine! It’s quite the mouthful, and I like to keep things pretty straightforward and simple, so GiGi it is! GiGi Eats Celebrities, my blog, is the same; straightforward and simple. I tell it like it is, no sugar coating anything because well, I haven’t eaten sugar in more than a decade!

FFFC:  How did you come up with such a unique name for your blog?

GG:  I metaphorically gave “birth” to GiGi Eats Celebrities a few years ago, after I had a outrageous “three-some” with celebrity fad diets and fanatical fitness-trends. What started out as a video series featuring me eating Ryan Gosling’s succulent legs and Ian Somerhalder’s scrumptious man breasts, ha, well not exactly, it actually started as a series dedicated to throwing stupid diets through the paper shredder… Has since morphed into something much more. While I continue to shed light on healthier eating and exercise approaches, my blog/vlog has expanded to include food reviews, recipes, spoof videos, product and specific food spotlights, and collaborative efforts, essentially “birthing” two new sub-series off of GiGi Eats Celebrities; Book To Plate and Dude Food.

FFFC:  What is your blog all about?

GG:  As I mentioned above, my blog/vlog is all about silly diet trends, fitness fads, easy and healthy recipes, food and product reviews, etc… But they’re not your average videos and blog posts. Some have called them kooky, others have called them whimsical, and quite a few have called them downright strange… However, I like to call my videos and blog: Comical Education or Infotainment!

FFFC:  What motivated you to start your blog and YouTube channel?

GG:  My goal every single day is to make as many people as humanly possible SMILE. While I was doing a pretty decent job of this prior to my blog and vlog, I realized the power of the Internet and took my personality to the blogging world! I have a broadcast journalism degree from the University of Colorado, and I used to work at KMGH (ABC Denver) as the 3am weather girl. While extremely fun and rewarding (minus the 4pm crash the following day), I knew that I wanted to dive into the realm of entertainment and celebrities because as I mentioned, I want to make people smile. Reporting about how a blizzard caused an accident killing 5 people, is NOT going to put smiles on people’s faces!

FFFC:  Which celebrity is the tastiest?

GG:  A Zac Efron and Ryan Reynolds protein style (since I do not eat bread) sandwich… Smothered with Ryan Kwanten, is by far the TASTIEST FEAST I have ever noshed on. Dare I say it’s better than THANKSGIVING!? (And know that Thanksgiving holds a LARGE part of my heart).

FFFC:  How did you get started in fitness?

GG:  Fitness has been a part of my life ever since I was in the womb. I was a breach baby and to this day my mother says it’s because I was doing gymnastics in her uterus…. Ouch! That must have HURT! Sorry Mom! I used to do gymnastics competitively, competitively horseback rode (I was Miss Junior Rodeo Princess, ha), used to run track and field, and I used to competitively snowboard… But funnily enough, I am REALLY NOT a competitive person AT ALL, which is probably why I don’t do these things anymore! I do however have to thank my parents for giving me the gene of exercise adoration!

FFFC:  What amazing fact about you can you share with our readers that many do not know?

GG:  I do not have a large intestine and I can stick my entire fist in my mouth. Alien? Perhaps…

FFFC:  What advice can you give the average woman who is extremely busy with work, family and extra- curricular activities looking to start or maintain a workout program?


People think that exercise is only beneficial if they come back from working out with a drench shirt, but this is not the case! Walking is by far one of the easiest, and most beneficial forms of exercise out there, you just have to do it! And it’s FREE! I guarantee after 30 minutes, you will feel euphoric, enough to make you want to do it again later or tomorrow!

FFFC:  What do you like most about what you do?

GG:  I just adore inspiring, educating and making people LAUGH!! I love laughter and live for it.

FFFC:  What latest project or event is on your plate right now?  Tell us all about it.

GG:  My life is one enormous project! Not only do I host my own web shows and write for my blog, but I am also a host for an entertainment show called Gossiper, an entertainment reporter, a writer, a video editor, a model, a commercial actor, a producer, and I am earning my Masters Certification in Nutrition Communications from Tufts University. Also, random gigs stumble into my life on a daily basis. There is just far too many different things on my plate right now to pinpoint just one. I do love a full plate though, because I am a BIG PORTIONS kind of girl!

FFFC:  Where can our readers find you on the web and learn more about you gobbling up celebrities?

GG:  Any of the below social media web sites and – Or you can just GOOGLE ME! Ha!

Check out some of Gigi’s blog posts and videos – she is utterly hilarious.

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