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Have you ever scrolled through the apps on your iPhone prepared to delete a few you have never seen before or ever used and fell upon an app you thought was going to hit the delete pile and ended up being one of your greatest new finds?  That is what happened to me the other day.  See, I have an iPhone and so does my husband.   I know he downloads a lot of fitness apps (free) through iTunes and when I go to charge my phone with a connector to the computer, it will sometimes synch up with all of the apps it finds in iTunes including the ones my husband downloaded.

I was scrolling through and came across Nike Training Club.  It is an app made by Nike – if you could not tell.  It looks like the target audience is women because in all of the workouts, women are featured.  You register on the Nike website and when you launch the app it starts up with a cool animated visual.  From there you can scroll through and find a workout you wish to do that day based on your fitness level (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) and the area you want to concentrate on (getting lean, tones, strong or focused).  From there the sample of workouts is endless.


I haven’t used it yet but when I clicked on a workout just to see how it works it was amazing.  If you wear headphones, a “personal trainer” is your ear telling you the next exercise and amount of time to repeat it.  A  lot of the exercises appear to be timed based vs. rep based.  You can hook it up to your playlist so you can hear your music amp you up while your “virtual personal trainer” is taking you through your workout.  You can review the workouts prior to starting  to see all of the exercises and what equipment is needed AND each exercise also comes with an actual video of a person demonstrating it so you know exactly how to execute it!   They have celebrity athletes who have offered up their workouts so you can train with a track star!


It also allows you to earn rewards and reach goals which unlocks additional awards and levels.  If you are as competitive as I am that can be pretty exciting!

I will try it and let you all know what I think of it but if it is as good as it looks – why pay for a personal trainer ever again?  I know I am probably missing something by way of highlighting a major feature but if you would like to check it out yourself click HERE!

Please check back in a few weeks when I share my review!  If you have tried or plan to try it let me know what you think of it.  I think this might be just what I need to keep things mixed up, to push myself and to constantly perform different workouts without having to try and come up with my own routines constantly!  See, that is why you can’t be too quick to purge strange apps, you just might uncover a gem!

Alright – let’s GO!


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